Which are the 10 happiest countries in the world, what is the number of India in this list? Learn



The World Happiness Report 2022 (World Happiness List 2022) has been released by the United Nations on Friday. In this, India has been ranked 136th out of 146 countries while Finland has remained at the top for the 5th consecutive year. The World Happiness Report 2022 has been released by the United Nations Sustainable Development Measures Network. It focuses on the impact of Kovid-19 and other events of the world on people.

India ranked 136th in world happiness list

According to the report, India has been ranked 136th in the world happiness list, whereas in the year 2021, India was ranked 139th. In this year’s report, the European country Finland has been told ahead of all countries in terms of being happy. After this Denmark, Iceland, Switzerland, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Norway, Israel have been given the top position.

India’s neighboring countries are ahead

According to the report, Pakistan is ranked 121 in the list while Bangladesh and China are at 94th and 72nd place respectively. The people of war-torn Afghanistan are most dissatisfied with their lives. He has got a place at the last position in the list. It is followed by Zimbabwe (144th), Rwanda (143rd), Botswana (142) and Lesotho (141st). America has been ranked 16th in this list.

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