Which party got how many seats and how many votes in Goa? You will be surprised to see the exit poll figures!



ABP Cvoter Goa Exit Poll Result 2022: The results of the Goa assembly elections held on February 14 will be declared on March 10. There was 78.94 percent voting in 40 seats here. ABP News and C Voter conducted exit polls before the election results and wanted to know the mood of the public. To form the government in Goa, 21 seats are needed, in the exit polls, no party seems to be winning this number of seats.

According to exit poll data, no party is getting majority in Goa. BJP seems to be becoming the single largest party. It is estimated to get 13 to 17 seats. At the same time, Congress is expected to get 12 to 16, Aam Aadmi Party 1 to 5, MGP+ 5 to 9, others 0 to 2 seats. It is clear from the figures that MGP+ is seen in the role of kingmaker here.

If these results translate into election results, then it has to be seen which party it supports. The party which MGP will support will form its government in the state. However, you are also in a decisive role here.

Whose vote percentage

Talking about vote share, BJP is expected to get the maximum votes here. It is getting 32.7 percent votes. At the same time, Congress is expected to get 30.2 percent votes, while Aam Aadmi Party is expected to get 14.5 percent, MGP 10.5 percent, others 12.2 percent.

What were the results in 2017

In the 2017 elections, the Congress got 28.4 percent of the votes. At the same time, BJP got 32.5, Aam Aadmi Party got 6.3, MGP got 11.3 and others got 21.5 percent votes. Aam Aadmi Party seems to be benefiting the most in the 2022 elections. There has been a jump of more than 8 percent in its vote share.

At the same time, Congress had emerged as the largest party. It had won 17 seats. However, she failed to form the government. The BJP, which won 13 seats, came to power with the support of MGP, Goa Forward Party and three independent MLAs. AAP’s account was not opened in this election, while 7 seats came in the account of MGP 3 and others.



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