Which party is benefiting in Manipur as compared to 2017 and who is losing the most?



Manipur Exit Poll Result 2022: In Manipur, the BJP is once again trying to form the government, while the Congress is desperate to return to power. Both the parties put their full emphasis in the election, but the results of the exit polls that came out just before the results are seen in favor of BJP. This time BJP is getting advantage in seats and vote share as compared to last time. On the other hand, if the exit poll results prove to be correct, then it will be a big setback for the Congress in the state.

Who has the advantage over the last election?
If we compare the exit poll results with the last election results, then BJP is getting a big advantage in seats and vote share. If we talk about seats, then according to the results of exit polls, out of the total 60 seats, BJP can get 23 to 27 seats this time. Whereas in the 2017 assembly elections, BJP had won 21 seats. If we talk about the Congress, then this time the party may suffer a bigger loss than the last election. In the exit polls, the Congress seems to be reduced to just 12 to 16 seats. Whereas in the last election, Congress emerged as the single largest party with 28 seats.

If you compare the rest of the parties with the last elections, the exit polls show NPF getting 3 to 7 seats, the last time the party won 4 seats. NPP seems to be getting the advantage in seats this time. While the NPP got 4 seats in the last election, the exit polls have projected the party to have 10 to 14 seats. While others can get 2 to 6 seats this time. Last time 3 seats went in the account of others.

Who’s where in the vote share?
If we talk about vote share, then while BJP’s vote share seems to be increasing slightly, Congress’s vote share can see a huge decline. According to the exit poll results, BJP can get 37.8 percent vote share this time, which was 36.3 percent last time. At the same time, the vote share of the Congress may fall by about 7 percent. The exit polls show the Congress getting 28.7 percent of the vote, which was 35.1 percent in the last election. The vote share of NPF and NPP may also increase. The NPF is projected to have a vote share of 9.2 per cent, up from 7 per cent in the last election. On the other hand, the NPP can get 11.2 percent vote share this time, which was just 5 percent in 2017. Talking about others, 13.1 percent vote share can go to his account. Last time others got 16.6 per cent vote share.

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