Who is in the team that handled the election management of BJP in the UP elections? See full list here



Yogi Adityanath and the image of PM Narendra Modi. Union Home Minister Amit Shah again had the responsibility of managing the elections. From the general secretary of BJP to the national president, Shah has been contesting elections in UP. Party president JP Nadda and election in-charge Dharmendra Pradhan have also played a big role. Nadda has been in charge of UP in the past too, but this was the first experience for Pradhan. Swatantra Dev Singh, as the president of UP BJP, also maintained coordination between the government and the organization. Along with this, a team led by Sunil Bansal was engaged day and night.

Sunil Bansal
The command of the entire election was in the hands of Sunil Bansal. Along with activating the party organization from behind the scenes, the team of the organization under his leadership did the work of assessing the shortcomings and removing them. In fact, Bansal, who gave BJP a chance to win in Uttar Pradesh, understood and tested every detail that would benefit BJP. His plans landed on the ground, whose benefit was directly received. This time on his own suggestion, for the first time in Uttar Pradesh, women migrants and vistakars were given responsibility at the assembly level. Who only worked to expel women voters to vote in favor of BJP. This new experiment was successful, which BJP is now going to implement in other elections of the country.

JPS Rathore
The responsibility of election management was performed by General Secretary JPS Rathore and his team. Coordination with candidates, work related to Election Commission and assessing the needs on the basis of data created a strong base for BJP in the electoral fray by removing the shortcomings. This team also did the work of booth management very well. Arun Kant and Ashok Dubey played important roles in this.

Govind Shukla
Propaganda material in all 403 assemblies, publicity material in PM’s rallies, outdoor advertising was done by the team of General Secretary Govind Shukla.

Anoop Gupta
State General Secretary Anoop Gupta looked after the entire management of PM’s virtual and later direct rallies. The activism of his team created an atmosphere in favor of BJP through successful programs of PM.

Tryambak Tripathi
The team of state minister Tryambak Tripathi saw the entire responsibility of managing the rallies and road shows of the party’s national and state level leaders. Where the data of which leader’s rally will be beneficial, from the team of election management to better management of the smoky rallies. Gyan Ojha, Kirtivardhan Singh and Piyush Mishra were prominently with him.

Manish Dixit
In-charge of media department Manish Dixit along with his co-head Himanshu Dixit saw the management of 8 media centers built in the state. Press conferences of party leaders and the work of exposing the weaknesses of the opposition. Due to his efficient media management, BJP was able to create an atmosphere among the people.

Ankush Tripathi
Ankush Tripathi, who was associated with the media department, was a media professional, especially because of his responsibility, he kept a close eye on electronic media, print media and digital media. Coordinating with the team engaged in media management, he was responsible for the content work for the feedback of the leaders.

Ankit Chandel
Propagation of BJP’s achievements through social media and the strategy of attacking the opposition was seen by social media in-charge Ankit Chandel.

Kameshwar Mishra
The virtual rallies of PM and other leaders and the entire management of the regular virtual meetings was done by Kameshwar Mishra, who was in charge of the IT cell. 

< p style="text-align: justify;"State Minister Archana Mishra did the work in relation to the special campaign during the election, in which other contact campaigns including women OBCs were also run.

State Vice President Vijay Bahadur Pathak worked through the program of expansion plan and Mann Ki Baat. Shivkumar Pathak did the work of coordinating migrant workers and assembly migrants. From guest protocol to headquarters, all the arrangements were done under the leadership of Headquarter in-charge Bharat Dixit, in which co-in-charge Laxman Chaudhary and Atul Awasthi played the role.

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