Why Should You Always See a Doctor After a Car Accident?


Getting into a car accident can welcome a lot of unwanted injuries. Depending on the collision’s severity, the injured victim’s sustains can be as minor as scratches to major, including permanent disabilities. Many injuries even appear days, weeks, or months after your accident, which is the primary reason the victim will refrain from seeing a doctor. 

However, remember that you can seek financial compensation for the injuries by filing a car accident claim. A Philadelphia auto accident attorney can assist you in filing a claim and prove that your injuries occurred due to the car accident. 

Injuries may not be visible right away. 

Multiple underlying medical conditions may not be visible right after the accidents. These injuries can occur after a while from your accident. If you wait until the visible signs of injuries, getting appropriate treatment can be challenging. Similarly, if you get a diagnosis early, you can prevent injuries from worsening ahead and get the proper treatment early. 

As soon as you see the doctor, they will conduct a proper medical evaluation to determine if there are any injuries. 

Proving your injuries occurred due to an accident. 

When you see your doctor, they will evaluate your health and see any possible bodily injuries. In case there are injuries, your doctor will advise you to get appropriate treatment. The procedures and examination conducted by the doctor will have the date and time mentioned that will serve as evidence to prove that your injuries resulted from the crash. 

However, if you delay your doctor’s appointment after the accident, the insurance company will quickly claim that your physical injuries did not happen from the accident. Additionally, you will have no proof of your injuries from the accident unless you took pictures or collected additional evidence. 

This is why one should always visit the doctor immediately after the accident. Irrespective of the evaluation result, ensure you document your injuries and preserve the medical diagnosis from your medical professional. It is also important to note that you should never fake or exaggerate your injuries because after you file a claim, the insurance company will appoint a medical professional for an individual medical examination. During IME, the doctor is appointed by the insurance company and will study your injuries, including helping the company understand whether the reports you have submitted are accurate or not. On the other hand, one cannot also trust the doctor during IME since they work in favor of the insurance company. 

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