Why Should You Avoid Descriptive Writing in Your Assignments?


Descriptive writing is a type of writing with subjective reflection. It explains the events in all their aspects. It also helps the reader in experiencing as if they’re a part of the event. Descriptive nature of writing has an aim to transfer the information as a whole. It can also create an emotional response to the writing aspect. The readers can develop their own imaginary perspective of the event as well. You can say that it’s a sceptical explanation of the event. 

The general assignments are for evaluation purposes. It analyses calibre, learning, and skills of the students. The assignment is more often precise in the context of writing. There are many reasons to avoid descriptive writing in the assignments. These are as follows;

Purpose Of The Writings

The description of an event in theoretical terms requires descriptive writing. Descriptive essays have a simple title with limited information. The assignments have theoretical, as well as evidence-based analytical requirements. The purpose of an assignment is to explain the title. This is done through an evidence-based approach. The title of an assignment is also critical. 

It’s Not Critical Writing

The assignments need critical writing. Descriptive writing is a different approach. Critical writing is a type of writing that analyses, and evaluates information. The information comes from more than one source. Most often the sources are authentic, and well renowned. The analysis of critical writing is also based on evidence-based knowledge. Critical writing gives the reader a unique idea. This idea is that everything they’re reading is true, and that they can rely on it. It uses examples from the evidence. The approach of writing is also official, and analytical. 

Descriptive writing does not have an evidence-based approach. It reports personal experiences, ideas, and opinions. The information might, or might not have evidence-based support. Descriptive writing uses examples of the real world. An assignment does not need a descriptive approach, but a critical analysis of events. 

No Specific Structure

According to experts of an assignment writing service, assignment writing needs a specific structure and format. It has an outline starting from the introduction which describes the background. After introduction, it comes the analysis of title, and its factors. Assignments follow a definite analytical approach in the writing. Descriptive writing does not have any definite structure. It contains paragraphs with respective information. There is a flow of content among the paragraphs in it too. This approach to analysis is different from what is being demanded in the assignment.

No Specified Format 

Descriptive writing does not have a specific format. The paragraphs do contain information. But the starting end depends on personal choice of the author. The assignments have a specific format. This format is according to the official university format. The references are in Harvard, and APA style. The structure of paragraphs includes headings, and subheadings. The information in assignments has a flow with starting, and ending points. The descriptive paragraphs do have logic though. The ideas mentioned in descriptive writing have strong realistic grounds. The body of a paragraph does not have any headings, and subheadings. Instead, the body has different paragraphs with various information. 

Flexible Structure 

Descriptive writing has a flexible structure. It does not include any thesis statement. The structure of descriptive type of essays has three components. The components include introduction, body, and conclusion. The information is being categorised into the body of paragraphs. A descriptive essay has the general tone of an argumentative essay. The assignment requires a basic structure and format.

Requirements Of Research

Descriptive writing does not need any specific preparation. There is no need to conduct research for it. The arguments are not supported by evidence. Literature research and analysis are not needed in it. You will only need the topic’s title. Analysing the topic on personal understanding is enough for writing a descriptive piece of writing. You will be reflecting on the arguments, and opinions in a descriptive essay whereas the assignments need specific research. Sometimes the research needs to be critical via specific sources.  This is because assignments are evidence-based explanations. The descriptive writings are logic-based expatiations. The assignments require a set of analyses. These analyses are further supported by the evidence. 


An example of descriptive writing is that of argumentative essay, for example, “The Mountains”. You will be needing a personal approach for writing on the said topic. It does not need any research. You will write everything you know about the mountains. 

The assignments titles are more critical. For example;

“Environmental pollution is causing many health issues.” 

You will need to conduct research on different types of health issues for this topic. The cause is environment, so you will also need an analysis of that aspect.

Steps For Writing An Assignment 

  • Identification of the title 
  • Analysis of the title 
  • Drafting of information
  • Research on the topic
  • Outlining the topic
  • Writing the research 
  • Conclusion 

Steps For Writing A Descriptive Assignment 

  • Assessment of the title
  • Introduction paragraph 
  • Body of the essay
  • Conclusion

Summary Of The Differences 

A descriptive essay reports what happened in an event. It identifies how the event was. It explains a theoretical explanation, and provides the evidence. It also contains quotes, paraphrases, and summaries. It also provides examples of different processes. It states the findings of an experiment as well. 

The assignments need the highlighting about significance of an event. It also needs a thesis statement to address the issue. The assignment also develops a hypothesis. It identifies the strengths, and weaknesses of an events. Assignments also provide evidence in the form of different perspectives of writers. It also compares their views for developing the analysis. The validation of information is also identified within the assignments. Some assignments work to critique the best example, and event. The analytical approach provides this information. 


Assignments and descriptive writing are two different types of writing. The assignments require critical writing. Descriptive writing does have any specific structure. The components, and steps of writing are also limited in it. There is no research, or outline needed for descriptive writing. The hypotheses, and thesis statement are also absent in descriptive writings. The assignments require all these components. So that’s why you should avoid descriptive writing within your assignments.

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