Why should you do the hypnobirthing method and classes?


Hypnosis has long been used as a relaxation tool to rid the mind of fear and anxiety. Our hypnobirthing classes in Melbourne go much deeper and utilise a range of additional tools and techniques in conjunction with self-hypnosis to not only reduce any fear that may be surrounding your pregnancy and birth but to help your body labour with greater ease. Hypnobirthing classes and the techniques taught in them are used to help your body to not only drop into a deep state of relaxation but to allow your body to labour instinctively: as it was designed to do. 

What is Hypnobirthing?

Hypnobirthing is about bringing birth back to basics and understanding how our body is designed to do things in a naturally automatic way. At Little Bird Flies, you will discover a whole new world of natural, instinctive strength that will help you feel more empowered and confident. The magic of breathwork is one of many techniques explored in the Positive Birth program and I can’t wait to explore them with you.  Many women and birth givers who aim to achieve an unmedicated birth look to hypnobirthing classes to help support this desire; and whilst we cannot guarantee this, we do prepare you and your birth partner mentally, physically, and spiritually for whatever pathway your birthing journey may take. Hypnobirthing is therefore a set of self-meditative techniques that help you in achieving an empowered birth. My job, as a certified Hypnobirthing guide, is to help you in learning and practising those techniques and provide any other support you need. 

How to learn the hypnobirthing method?

With Little Bird Flies, there are a couple of ways to do this and all of them are all-embracing to your needs and limitations. Our in-person Positive Birth Course usually runs over two weeks on two consecutive Saturdays and Sundays or as a Workshop Weekend. Our online live webinar classes run across 4 evenings of a month and whilst our online option popped up in response to tCOVID-19-19 pandemic, this option is sticking around due to its popularity!  You also have the option of completing the hypnobubs online class which allows you to learn the tools and techniques of Hypnobirthing at your own pace, whilst this is a much shorter course it is still jam-packed with all the benefits of the in-person and live webinar Hypnobirthing Australia Positive Birth Course.  This self-paced learning option can be paired with the popular once-off 90-minute or 3-hour private session with me in person or over zoom. This session is tailored to your needs and desires and can be done further along in your pregnancy to refresh you and your birth partner on the key elements of how to utilise all your tools and techniques during labour.

Benefits of hypnobirthing classes

Hypnobirthing classes and the people that take part in them believe that it is possible to create an experience that feels sweet, tender, and peaceful. The techniques have been put together and practised for years now because they have indeed resulted in positive and joyful experiences. Keep an open mind and shape everything you learn into something that is perfect for you when it comes to birth. Because every birth is its own story. Little Bird Flies is only here to give you the paper, pen, and ink so that you can sketch that story all on your own. 

When should you start practising Hypnobirthing?

I generally suggest taking one of our hypnobirthing classes from anywhere between 20-32/34 weeks gestation; allowing you time to practice and take in all the knowledge, tools and techniques that you and your birth partner learn in class.  In saying that, I have taught women who are 15 weeks pregnant and women who are 38/39 weeks pregnant and all of them have benefited from the Positive Birth course immensely in their own way.

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