Why was the Congress in such a bad condition in five states, is the G-23 camp in the mood to change the leadership now?



Election Result 2022: Election results of 5 states have come. BJP’s better performance in 4 states, AAP’s stunning victory in Punjab, as well as the discussion of Congress’s misfortune is also hot. Questions are being raised whether the Congress will now be able to remain the main opposition party or not. After what has happened to the Congress in the elections of five states, now the mutual war within the Congress can reach its peak. According to sources, the G-23 camp of senior leaders within the party is also now preparing to raise their voice against the leadership and in this context the leaders of the G-23 faction can also meet. In the midst of all this, the biggest question is why did this misfortune of Congress happen? First of all let’s talk about Uttar Pradesh. In Uttar Pradesh, party general secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra herself had taken over the command, but despite this, the Congress could not even save as many seats as the party got in the last assembly elections.

Why was Congress in bad shape in UP?

Some Congress leaders believe that Yogi Adityanath In the face of strong administration and aggressive campaigning of Akhilesh Yadav, the public is no longer in a mood to be influenced by the Gandhi family. Some leaders of the party say that still Priyanka Gandhi should be removed from Uttar Pradesh and made the national president, then there are some leaders who say that perhaps the demand of G-23 is right and now the time has come for the Gandhi family to step up. Pulling back the leadership should be given to a non-Gandhi. In the assembly elections, not only in Uttar Pradesh, but also in Punjab and Uttarakhand, the Congress suffered a shameful defeat. Where, till about two-and-a-half-three months ago, there was a good chance of Congress winning in Punjab. There too there was division. Many party leaders consider the Gandhi family responsible here too.

Why was Congress out of power in Punjab?

It is clear that a few days after the removal of Captain Amarinder Singh and making Navjot Singh Sidhu the president, the way in which Sidhu not only resigned suddenly, but continued to target Chief Minister Charanjit Singh Channi, has led to the Congress’s defeat. Hopes were buried, but many leaders within the party once again consider it to be the fault of the leadership. These leaders believe that Priyanka Gandhi made the first mistake by making Sidhu the president of the state unit and then the entire leadership made the second mistake when Sidhu resigned within a few days, the Gandhi family accepted Sidhu’s resignation as someone else. not handed over the command. Such a party was divided into many camps till the last time in Punjab. On one side the camp of Chief Minister Channi, on the other side Sidhu camp, and on the third side the camp of former president Sunil Jakhar and this camp swallowed the party in Punjab.

Has Congress become a victim of factionalism in Uttarakhand too?

Like Punjab, the Congress in Uttarakhand also succumbed to factionalism. In Uttarakhand, the situation was so bad that Harish Rawat, the face of a potential Chief Minister, lost his own election. Here too, till a few months ago, it was being said that there is a lot of anti-incumbency against the BJP government, so there is a strong possibility of the return of the Congress, but here too the party was divided into camps. There was a discussion that there was a dispute between Harish Rawat and the in-charge regarding the announcement of the Chief Minister’s face. Harish Rawat wanted his name to be announced, then other leaders were not in favor of this. Not only this, Harish Rawat had also opened a front against the leadership’s decision to bring back Harak Singh Rawat, who had returned from the BJP. Therefore, you can guess for yourself that in Uttarakhand also, two-three Congress camps fought separately in a way, and the party leadership could not do anything and the winning state was lost.

Does the G-23 camp want to change the leadership?

Now the Congress is saying that the party leaders should not thorn the same tree on which everyone is sitting for personal ambition. In the month of September, elections for the organization and the post of president are to be held in the Congress and it is believed that Rahul Gandhi will be made the president of the party once again, but political analysts believe that by September it will be too late. Whatever has to be done has to be done as soon as possible. On the other hand, the rebel group G-23 has also given indications to take the sword out of the sheath once again. Ghulam Nabi Azad, giving his first reaction, told a newspaper that his heart was bleeding after seeing the results, he said “My heart is bleeding”. On the other hand, Shashi Tharoor tweeted that there is a dire need of organizational change in the Congress. And it is no longer hidden from anyone that the leaders of the G-23 have been emphasizing for a long time the need for someone other than the Gandhi family to lead the party.

Congress got defeat in Manipur and Goa also

Congress could not even save itself in Manipur and Goa. There was also discussion in Goa that Congress can either win the elections or at least emerge as the single largest party, but here also the situation has become bad. Mamta Banerjee’s Trinamool Congress and Aam Aadmi Party made such a dent on the Congress’s vote bank that the Congress was nowhere. Questions are being raised that when Trinamool leader Mahua Moitra had proposed for an electoral alliance before the elections, should the Congress not have thought about it. Many party leaders are now asking the question that after all, what were senior leaders like Chidambaram doing there for months? Did these leaders themselves not understand the ground reality or did they deliberately keep the leadership in the dark. At present, there are many challenges before the Congress, including saving its existence.

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