Why was the Goa Legislature Party meeting cancelled? Now the leader of the legislature party will be elected on this day!



The observers of the Central Parliamentary Board, who were to come from Delhi to hold the Goa Legislature Party meeting, did not come on Saturday. Such information has been received from the Panaji office of the Bharatiya Janata Party. Central Parliamentary Board meeting is getting delayed due to PM Modi’s visit to Gujarat. Due to this delay, the meeting of 20 elected MLAs is not being held in Goa. The leader of the legislature party is to be elected in this meeting.

Now it is being said that this meeting will be held on Sunday or Monday and after being elected the leader of the legislature party, all the MLAs will go to the governor and give their majority letter to the governor. After this, the governor will give the day of oath ceremony and there will be an oath ceremony. The term of this cabinet is ending on March 16 in Goa and the new government must be formed before March 16. In such a situation, it is also expected that after deciding the name of the leader of the Goa Legislature Party, the Chief Minister’s oath should be done first and the cabinet should be expanded later.

Goa BJP wants that the central leadership should also be included in the oath ceremony of the new government of Goa, but the leaders of the center are also going to be present in the oath ceremony of the government of the states of UP, Uttarakhand and Manipur. In such a situation, Goa BJP does not want to make any controversy regarding the date or time. That is why the Goa BJP is not showing haste in the formation of the new government. In the results declared on March 10, BJP has won 20 seats in the state. The BJP claims that it has got the support of three independent MLAs and has crossed the majority mark.

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