Why You Should Consider Cambodia As Your Next Travel Destination?


If traveling around Southeast Asia on a budget is on your bucket list, you just cannot pass up visiting Cambodia. All lovers of history, art, and everything in between are invited!

The expansive stone temple complex and the surrounding forest reflect the summer sun rays, painting the canvas with purple and blue tones. Cambodia offers everything, from historic temples to picturesque beaches and pristine islands.

It is among the best places to travel this year because of its rustic, old-world charm combined with the beauty of modernity. 

On your Cambodia tours, you will witness numerous temples, beautiful beaches, amazing nature, and an incredible amount of culture and history.

Still not convinced?

Read further to compel yourself to visit Cambodia this year. 

Why should you take a Cambodia tour?

  1. Angkor Wat

Witnessing magnificent temples constructed during the Khmer Era is one of the main reasons that millions of tourists go to this Southeast Asian country. 

Cambodia is one of the biggest religious structures in the world and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Consequently, Angkor Wat is deservedly at the top of many travelers’ must-see lists.

Except for Afghanistan, Cambodia is the only nation in the world to have a picture of a building on its national flag. This makes it a source of great pride for the people of Cambodia.

It is a prime example of architectural magnificence and an expansive temple complex at Siem Reap.

The main attractions of Angkor Wat include the following:

  • Angkor Wat: The main temple at Angkor Wat rises via three rectangular terraces. The 699-foot-tall central tower is the ideal location to view the rising sun.
  • Bayon: The temple is located precisely in the middle of the royal city, with more than 200 faces looking in all directions.
  • Ta Prohm: It is the most remarkable temple. 12,500 people lived at the temple, which was abandoned as the Khmer empire fell.
  • Angkor Thom: The temple is enclosed by huge walls and was constructed when the Chams took control of Angkor. Each of the four gates is capped with a large stone face.
  1. Meet friendly locals

Cambodians are known for their friendliness. So, visitors will be stunned by the plethora of warm greetings and smiles when entering the Kingdom. 

Everyone in Cambodia is kind, from the tuk-tuk drivers and service employees to the tour guides, stall owners, and even bystanders on the street. Moreover, many people will pause only to engage in conversation with you and learn more about you. This warmth spreads in the most positive way possible. 

You rapidly appreciate how much you can learn from people you have never met before.

  1. Picturesque islands

A large number of visitors visit the nearby Vietnam islands on their holidays to Vietnam. Yet, those off the southwest coast of Cambodia are frequently disregarded.

That implies that they are more real and unspoiled in general.

Many beautiful beaches are found in Cambodia, and some idyllic islands are located just off the shore. And if you’re constantly craving some vitamin Sea, visiting these islands is definitely a good idea.

Travelers seeking peaceful hideaways will be enticed by the enormous expanses of white sandy beaches and the intensely blue water.

Koh Rong is called the “party island,” although Koh Rong Samloem, which is close by, has immaculate powder sands bordered by lush tropical vegetation. Koh Thmei, Koh Ta Kiev, and Koh Totang are some other far-flung gems of islands.

Moreover, Sihanoukville and other beachfront cities may provide you with the ideal pleasure.

So, sunbathe, swim, engage in water activities like surfing or snorkeling, or do yoga on the sand to unwind.

  1. Markets and food

Put your haggling cap on and go to the local market if you enjoy driving a hard bargain. They are an integral component of daily life in Cambodia and are crowded in the morning as people rush to purchase the day’s freshest items. 

The local marketplaces in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap will simply take your breath away! Everything is available there, including clothing, souvenirs, home items, jewelry, mouthwatering cuisine, and alcoholic beverages.

Various culinary excursions and cooking lessons can take you on a tour of the kingdom’s flavors. The country’s signature beef (lok lak), fish (amok), crab, and Kampot pepper dishes as well as the abundance of noodle and rice meals are consumed every day. Hence, discovering the flavors of Cambodia is a food lover’s heaven.

Regarding food paradise, the holidays to Laos will be worth it as it is home to a great food variety.

  1. Explore wildlife

It’s possible that when you think about Cambodia, the words “adventure treks” and “animal expeditions” do not immediately come to mind. However, Cambodia possesses huge tropical forest scenery. Along with hundreds of lovely birds, you may see elephants, sun bears, gibbons, and other wildlife here.

On the outskirts of Phnom Penh, the Phnom Tamao Rescue Center has a variety of animals they have rescued from poachers and the illicit pet trade. Then, they rehabilitated them and returned them to the wild. 

Also, there are a variety of bird and wildlife trips available at the Sam Veasna Center in the province of Siem Reap, while elephant sanctuaries can be found in Mondulkiri. The Cardamom Mountains are one of Southeastern Asia’s most species-rich and unspoiled natural areas where you can relax and find tranquility in solitude. They are located in the northwest of Cambodia. 

You have a variety of alternatives for exploring this distinctive Cambodian tropical jungle, including camping, cycling, kayaking, and trekking.

Pack your bags!

Cambodia is the epitome of a vacation spot. Moreover, it is possible to travel affordably in Cambodia. A budget-friendly paradise!

Now that you have probably been convinced, it’s time to start organizing your Cambodia tours, where you will undoubtedly have some of your greatest moments.

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