Yogi Adityanath government’s swearing-in date fixed, ceremony will be held on March 25 at 4 pm



in UP Yogi Adityanath The swearing-in ceremony of the government will be held on March 25 at 4 pm. Earlier the date of March 24 was revealed, but now sources in the Home Department have said that the program will be held on March 25. For this, preparations are being made at the Ekana Stadium. However, the outline of the Yogi cabinet has not been decided yet. This is believed to be the reason for increasing the date of the ceremony.

The outline of the Yogi cabinet has not been decided yet

Several rounds of meetings have been held in Delhi, but the outline of the Yogi cabinet has not been decided. Most of the suspense is about the Deputy CM. Will Keshav Prasad Maurya, who lost the election, be made Deputy CM? In such a situation, how many more people will be made Deputy CM. The discussion is about making a Dalit and a Brahmin leader also the Deputy CM. There are indications that Keshav Prasad Maurya can be made Deputy CM. He is considered a big leader of the backward classes. BJP’s concern is about the 2024 Lok Sabha elections.

On the occasion of Holi, Keshav celebrated Holi with people in Lucknow. If Keshav is made Deputy CM, then it will be a big decision of the party. Even after losing the election, many meanings of such a huge responsibility will be extracted. Perhaps the only message BJP wants to give is that it is ready to do anything to give the backward share in power. It is a different matter that now no one has officially talked about making Keshav as Deputy CM.

In the previous government, two deputy CMs were appointed along with Yogi Adityanath. Dinesh Sharma was made the second Deputy CM from Brahmin quota along with Keshav Prasad Maurya. Can a Brahmin leader be given this responsibility this time also? If this happens then it will be Dinesh Sharma or someone else. Many names are in discussion and nothing is final. Several rounds of meetings were held in Delhi. In which PM Narendra Modi, BJP President JP Nadda, Amit Shah, Dharmendra Pradhan, BL Santosh attended. Yogi Adityanath, both deputy CMs Keshav Prasad Maurya and Dinesh Sharma, party’s UP president Swatantra Dev Singh and organization minister Sunil Bansal were also present from the UP side. There will be meetings again after Holi.

Party President JP Nadda has held a meeting with allies of BJP. First he met Anupriya Patel and Ashish Patel of Apna Dal. In this election, 12 MLAs of Apna Dal have been elected after fighting on 17 seats. In the previous BJP government, one was made a minister from the quota of Apna Dal. This time the party is demanding a cabinet and a minister of state.

Anupriya is a minister in the Modi government. Another ally, the Nishad Party, is also in the same mood. Some people of the party fought on the symbol of BJP and some on their election symbol. Five MLAs have won elections on the symbol of BJP and six on the symbol of Nishad Party. Nishad Party President Sanjay Nishad, his MP son Praveen Nishad and MLA son Shravan Nishad have met JP Nadda in Delhi. Sanjay Nishad wants him to be made a powerful cabinet minister. He said that his voters have influence in about 150 seats.

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