You can only keep 3 things in a home, what would you keep?


The tough, minimalist modern style is gradually being loved by young people, and the minimalist home style of breaking up is becoming more and more common.

If you could only keep 3 things in your home, what would you choose to keep?

1. Sofa

A home needs to have a place for communication and rest. This part is often done by the living room, and the most comfortable communication area in the living room is of course the sofa.

It is believed that 80% of my friends go home and slump on the sofa first, either watching a drama or swiping their mobile phones, lying on it for half an hour, and then thinking about whether to eat or take a bath and sleep next.

2. Cabinets

Many minimalist home decorations look “empty”, but there are hidden storage everywhere. There are places to hide things, and the house can be open and bright. This is probably the highest state of minimalism.

Therefore, even the most minimalist home needs a cabinet to store and store things. What do you guys think?

3. Mattress

In the replies of the little friends, the frequency of the bed appears very high. However, since it is minimalist, the beds here basically refer to mattresses that can be directly laid on to sleep.

As the most important place in the home, the bedroom has always been the most private and the place that accompanies us the longest.

The living room is so minimal that there is only one sofa left, so if the bedroom is so minimal, there is only one mattress left. After all, this is the guy we sleep with, and the most important thing in a home.

Mattress determines sleep comfort

So what kind of mattress is a good mattress?


A good twin mattress in a box can make people feel more comfortable as soon as they lie down, and will escort deep sleep!


There are three types of springs on the market. Currently, the best one is the independent pocket spring. Support point-to-point to provide pixel-level dense support, but also reduce friction, very quiet sleep. Springs are generally guaranteed for 10 years.

③ Fill

The reason why the big international brands sleep comfortably is that the filling layer is filled with multiple layers of sponge and soft materials such as latex and memory foam.

The increased comfort also means a corresponding reduction in the lifespan of the Quality Gel Memory Foam Mattress, which generally has to be replaced within five years. Almost all merchants only warrant the spring, not the filler layer.

In fact, how the house is designed, don’t care how others design it, after all, what you like is more important than anything else! Friends who want a minimalist style but complain about too many things at home, in addition to subtracting the home, it can also be achieved by doing a good job in storage.

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