Online shopping these days can be very tricky! Our ultimate goal is to find the best products online and then not regret buying them later. Even if you’re buying it in person, choosing the right product is not an easy task. Finding a hair wig that is breathable, durable, affordable, and matches your skin tone is very difficult.

As frustrating as it must be to buy a perfectly textured hair wig only to find out that the lace color doesn’t match your skin tone. Many people who just started using hair wigs faced difficulty finding the right lace color, high-quality and comfortable material. 

Let’s dig into finding the perfect lace color for you!

1- Match lace color with the scalp tone:

It is a common misconception that lace color must match your skin tone. The best way is to match it with your scalp tone or complexion. As when you wear the wig, your scalp color should appear natural. If the lace colors are limited, it is better to buy a color lighter than the color of your scalp instead of going into a darker shade. 

2- Having doubts about matching the color, go for a transparent one:

If you are skeptical about the color of your scalp and have doubts about choosing the right color, the best and easiest way is to buy an HD transparent lace. This type of lace is designed to blend with the natural color of your scalp and is undetectable. Using HD lace wigs can be very challenging if you are a beginner. Transparent wigs are delicate and can be torn easily if not handled carefully. Also, it is expensive so consider your budget before buying it. Have you checked Hermosa’s HD lace wigs? If not, take a quick look at their various styles and colors. I guarantee you can’t find such smooth and excellent quality wigs anywhere else. 

3- Standard lace colors:

The standard lace colors are available to guide beginners. It is important to note that transparent lace wigs are ideal for people with a creamy, fair, or light complexion. 

The light brown lace wig is suitable for light brown scalp tones. A Middle brown colored lace wig is perfect for those who have skin tones of natural and true brown. People with dark scalp tones are recommended to use dark brown lace wigs.

Hermosa has all kinds of human hair wigs with various textures and lace colors. Choose the best suitable hair wig for your look. All hair wigs of Hermosa are made of high- quality and keep the natural hair healthy. It is important to look for comfortable wigs apart from a cool textured wig. I recommend you try Hermosa’s HD lace wig collection to buy a breathable and finest hair wig. I suggest them because of my own personal experience with Hermosa’s lace wigs. The quality, styles and colors are worth buying. This is why I choose to trust them. 


If you have already bought a lace wig that doesn’t match your scalp tone and you are frustrated, don’t sweat it. There are so many methods and solutions to deal with this problem. Although these tricks can only temporarily solve your problem and are not durable in the long run, these quick methods can save your day!

  • Makeup and concealer are considered quick fixers for the lace color. If you want your lace color to blend perfectly with your scalp tone, consider applying it on the mid-hair partition and then set it with a powder. After that, apply a hair spray for the finishing look. Even though this method is quick and simple, it has many drawbacks. It makes the hair wig messy when worn for 2-3 days straight. If you are wearing a wig for a short duration, this tip can work for you!
  • Another trick is to apply a lace tint spray on the back of the lace. Let it air dry or blow dry for 2-3 minutes and you’ll get your desired lace color in minutes.
  • For long-lasting results, you can also use the dyeing lace method to change the lace color. This method has many steps and sometimes it can go wrong too. To start the dyeing process, mix hot water with a few drops of a dye shade that matches your scalp tone. Dip the lace into the water for about 10 to 12 minutes. Keep checking the lace until your desired color is achieved. Now wash the wig with cold water and let it dry naturally. Don’t dye the entire wig. Following these steps is complex, but you will get permanent results.
  • If you have accidentally bought a dark-colored lace or the lace color becomes extra light after applying a tint lace spray, try the bleaching method. The trick is to apply a dense layer of bleach by turning the lace front wig inside out. After 15 minutes, wash it with water. You can use neutralizing shampoo if you want to keep the lace material safe from the chemicals in bleach. 
  •  If you don’t have any dye available, you can find a dyeing agent in your kitchen. It seems like a bootless errand but trust me, it works. You only need 10 to 20 tea bags and hot water to dye the lace wig. Submerge the lace in hot water and gently press the tea bags to take their color out. After 3 minutes, take the tea bags out and let the lace sit in them for 4-5 minutes at a normal temperature. You can see the color of the lace changing. After getting the desired color, take it out and wash it with the shampoo and conditioner to eliminate the smell of tea bags. Blow dry it for 5 minutes, and you are good to go! 

You don’t need to put extra effort into finding a method to dye and match the lace color with your skin tone. Get your HD lace wig from Hermosa. The detailed description of every hair wig will save you extra time finding a perfect lace color.


  1. Match lace color with the scalp tone
  2. Having doubts about matching the color, go for a transparent one
  3. Standard lace colors
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