Accidental missile launch: Defense Minister Rajnath Singh to make statement in both houses of Parliament tomorrow



Defence Minister Rajnath Singh will make a statement in both the houses of Parliament tomorrow i.e. on Tuesday about the missile fired by mistake towards Pakistan. The Indian government on Friday said that two days ago a missile had accidentally fired, which landed in Pakistan and was ‘sorry’. The incident happened due to a technical fault during routine maintenance.  

India’s Ministry of Defense said that the government has taken the incident seriously and a ‘court of inquiry’ has ordered. A day before that, Pakistan had said that a ‘high-speed projectile’ was fired from India. It entered its airspace and landed near Mian Channu in Khanewal district of Punjab province.

Due to a technical snag, a missile accidentally fired during routine maintenance on March 9, the statement said. The Government of India has taken the incident of accidental missile launch seriously and has set up a high-level ‘Court of Inquiry’.

Pakistan said on Saturday that it would attack the missile that fell in Pakistan’s Punjab province. "Accidental walk’’ On India’s ‘‘Simplified Explanation’’ Not satisfied with. Pakistan had demanded a joint investigation to ascertain the facts related to the incident properly. The Pakistani Foreign Office said that the incident raises several fundamental questions with respect to security protocols and technical safeguards against accidental or unauthorized missile launches into a nuclear environment.

China’s statement< /strong>

On Monday, China said that India and Pakistan should talk at the earliest and the recent ‘‘accident’’’ Walking ‘‘deep investigation’’ China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said during a press briefing here that both Pakistan and India are major countries in South Asia and the regional security and share the responsibility of maintaining stability.

Although the Indian Defense Ministry statement did not name the missile, the description given by the Pakistan Army indicates that it could be a BrahMos missile. .

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