Aha Software vs Replicon Top Products


The Aha cloud-based software company has been providing its services on a global level since 2013. At this moment, it is serving more than 500,000 users with its suite of tools to strategize, develop, and initiate projects. The Replicon software has proven to be satisfactory cloud-based software since it first started in 1996. Replicon maintains essential tools to track time as well as expenses in order to simplify the billing process.  

Here is a simple guide of comparative products that are provided by Aha software vs Replicon. 

Aha Software Product List 

Aha Roadmaps  

An easy way to maximize productivity through Aha is using Roadmaps. This feature can come in handy on several steps along the way. Firstly, it can be useful in strategizing a plan for the business. Secondly, you can crowdsource ideas to save and organize feedback through a custom-branded portal.  

Once you have determined your goals, you can even prioritize the features that will help you attain them. The visual dashboard lets you track dependencies, capacity, and deliverables to make sure that you have a realistic road ahead.  

Aha Ideas 

All creative tasks rely on ideas that can change the way you engage with your plans. This product efficiently crowdsources ideas through an in-app feedback widget where customers can express their responses. It can further help you in developing a business strategy based on the responses as you can easily review, organize, and even score ideas. 

Aha also focuses on enriching hospitality and empathy by letting users host empathy sessions where people can share their values. You can keep up with customers on individual, organization, and segment levels.  

Aha Develop 

Another integral function is the development tool for agile teams. You can customize the user interface that is further assisted by integrating tools. Furthermore, users can create workflows as well as automate manual tasks to reduce the overall number of tasks. 

In fact, users can maintain a backlog by defining their particular goals and getting insights into their execution. You can further use this product to streamline sprints. You can access the stories from the backlog and start adding them to the sprint. As a result, you will be able to see the updated workloads of team members in real-time as well.  

Aha Price List 

Aha sells different products and the pricing is based on the services that you will opt for. The Ideas functions are divided into two pricing options: Essentials and Advanced. Essentials provide some of the basic features like portal access, request prioritization, approval management, report on progress, and a few others. Whereas, the Advanced plan covers idea forms, empathy sessions, customer segments, proxy voting, custom portal pages, in-app community feedback among others.  

Meanwhile, the Roadmaps feature has four options to choose from including a support plan for startups. However, the startup option is only accessible if the business meets some basic conditions that can be accessed through Aha’s website. The premium costs $59, the enterprise $99, and enterprise+ is billed for $149. Similarly, the pricing for the Develop feature is split between Essentials and Advanced and they cost $9 and $18, respectively.  


Replicon TimeBill 

One of the most dynamic features of Replicon is that you can use it to track time for client billing. Furthermore, you can track billable and non-billable hours in relation to projects which can then be assigned to relevant clients. When it comes to accuracy, you can process bills on the basis of an in/out time tracker that can generate the overall time spent on a project.  

To provide enhanced context to your supervisors and clients, you can add relevant attachments as well. The advanced timesheet validations can be helpful in eliminating errors that occur when you are working manually.  

Replicon ProjectTime 

The ProjectTime feature is helpful in maintaining information about the project in relation to time. Replicon integrates pre-populated sheets so that important rules are already entered for clients and employees to refer to and they can submit results accordingly. The software is also able to monitor the activity of your resources through GPS and geofencing technologies.  

Timesheets can also be used to enter time off when the employees are out of the office so that the calculation of hours can maintain accuracy.  

Replicon Expense 

In order to process expenses, users can access the software through their mobile phone apps. This means that employees can submit their timesheets while they are out and about. You can track expense types, tax codes of different locations, currencies of the country your remote workspace is working in, and much more.  

Moreover, you can digitally add receipts and ensure that all the necessary information is stored in the database for further processing. Moreover, you can easily track the estimated amount that was to be spent on a project and the actual amount that was used.  

Replicon TimeOff 

It is quite integral that you maintain information regarding time-off of the employees. An important step is to define the boundaries and rules for your employees. Replicon lets you set the rules based on the project type that you are tackling.  

You can further define accruals rules, overdraw limits, and carryovers too. You can also ensure that employees get allowances on important dates such as company anniversary, and so on. Employees will benefit equally as they can request time off from their end of the software. Employees can choose a full or partial day off and you can keep up with the information so that your project is sustained. 

Replicon Price List 

Each of the products listed on the Replicon software supports two options. The quickstart option for TimeBill costs $10 whereas the TimeBill plus charges $22 per month. Likewise, the basic functions of ProjectTime can be purchased for $18 and the ProjectTime Plus costs $22. The prices of TimeOff start from $6 whereas the Expense tracking pricing plans begin at $3.  

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