Best 5 Tricks to Locate a Phone Number: Ultimate Guide


There are many reasons we want to track our cell phones; for example, tracking will help recover the phone if it is a stolen or misplaced phone. In other cases, parents can track and monitor their children; sometimes, you may receive calls from unknown numbers.

Tracking a cell phone is made easy today by tracing the apps. In most cases, you usually install a tracing app on the phone you want to track, but thanks to technology, you can track a phone number instantly using the right tools. Below is a list of best locate a phone number tracking apps that will help you trace that cell phone with just the number.

  1. Android and IOS:

The best cell phone number tracking app enables users to locate a phone number or a fixed mobile line in more than 100 countries and 12 thousand cities worldwide. Apps contain data that stores data about various information regions around the world and codes for different cities/countries. It gives exact location details of specific mobile phone numbers, including city area, state, and country.Caller ID & Phone Locator:

  1. Phone Number Locator:

It helps you to know the exact location of a number, whether it shows you the location of different countries, including the US, Canada, Brazil, Russia, and many more countries. Along with this offers you the facility of the service operator.

Actual Caller ID & Location: It allows you to see the caller’s location and identify unknown calls by showing the caller’s name and location details.Find someone’s live location with just their phone number.

Call Blocker: It enables you to block unfavourable calls such as Double-dealing and spam callers.

Search Offline: With this app, you can search phone numbers, ISD codes, and STD codes even without an internet connection.

  1. Mobile Tracker with the help of Google:

An app has been introduced to locate a phone number that tracks all phones with only one number. The Android app can help you quickly locate the caller’s cell phone location. You can also search the mobile number of the mobile you are trying to locate and get its location information. It contains the name of the operator, the name of its city, and the state where it takes place. The app shows your current location on Google Maps, your geographic location, and the distance. With this app, you can locate mobile numbers of any country worldwide with complete details as well as landline numbers. This app also has some additional features like Caller ID, which gives you the owner and operator details.

  1. Mobile Tracker in Apple IOS Device:

This is one of the incredible apps for Apple iOS devices. In this app, the data of almost all the numbers in the world is saved, and after searching the phone number, it sends a notification momentarily. It provides you great data for any mobile phone number, such as owner, admin, and organisation details. You get better results when the application is introduced on the PDA that you want to search for. However, in case the application is not introduced, the mobile phone number area is displayed on the guide. Thus, if you are following a child, it is best to introduce them on their phone. The application also allows you to schedule decisions and send messages.

  1. GPS Maps:

This is another excellent cell phone tracker that can help you view real-time location using the caller’s mobile number. This simple and unique tool shows you your live locations in text format and on GPS MAP.

The application has three primary highlights:

Current area: This shows you the scopes and longitudes, the city, and the state where the mobile phone you are following is at that specific second.

Address locator: This shows the ongoing location of the specific area of the mobile phone on a GPS MAP graphical point of interaction.

Portable tracker: This shows you the area of versatile contacts, guest calls, and any telephone number. Live Mobile Tracker Number is viable with Android gadgets and is allowed to download. The application additionally gathers and stores areas on your telephone and can work even without a web association.


All the free applications will work effectively by following a wireless utilizing the number. In this manner, you’ll have the option to effectively know the whereabouts of your family, companions, and representatives. Some of them will likewise uncover fundamental data about the proprietor. If you need more precise subtleties, the Family Orbit application stands apart as the best. Family Orbit won’t just assist you in finding a telephone yet additionally in checking and controlling all the telephone exercises of an individual. Consequently, you should attempt this great application if you’re a parent. In this article you can collect a lot of information regarding locate a phone number.

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