Big step towards making fifth generation stealth fighter jet, manufacturing of special material started



New Delhi: Amidst the war between Russia-Ukraine, India has made a big flight towards making the fifth (5) generation stealth fighter jet, ‘Emka’ in the series of indigenous fighter jets. DRDO and ADA have started manufacturing special material for Emka fighter aircraft based on the design. DRDO has called this step a milestone in the direction of making stealth fighter jets.

fifth class indigenous fighter aircraft
Emka i.e. Advanced Medium Combat Aircraft is the fifth class indigenous fighter aircraft of India. Last year i.e. in February 2021, India showed the design and model of Emka to the world for the first time at the Aero-India show. This model was introduced by the indigenous agency, Aeronautical Development Agency (ADA ie Ada) and DRDO, which designed the fighter aircraft. This will be India’s first two-engine fighter jet, due to its stealth features, it will be very difficult for enemy radar to catch it.

The body of a stealth fighter jet is made of special material
Let us tell you that the body of a stealth fighter jet is made of such a special material, due to which the enemy’s radar waves can be captured by itself. Observes and does not let the radar go back. Due to this, radars are not able to detect stealth fighter jets.

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