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Patients can request a virtual or online doctor consultation. And, they can consult them from the comfort of their homes or anywhere else. Lybrate is a great platform and we pair our users with a specialist doctor to the soonest. And, these doctors may suggest the best treatment plan for them depending upon their condition and the next steps he or she must follow to recover completely.

Lybrate is a multi-speciality healthcare provider with an objective to offer a hassle-free medical experience to all patients. Now, join our Online Doctor Consultation via Lybrate App. Also, feel free to ask your questions freely to our online expertise doctors and book easily. No disturbances!

Lybrate is there to find best doctors in India. Patients may discuss with them online for any type of medical help. It is simply an easy and secure process. Here, different professionals such as Dermatologists, General Physicians, Urologists, Ayurvedic Doctors, Psychiatrists, Gynaecologists, Dieticians, Nutritionists all are accessible on a single platform. All these doctors remain associated to deliver medical assist with a diverse mode of communication. Lybrate aids the patients to get in touch with its online doctors 24*7. 

At Lybrate, our utmost priority is to make sure the safety and wellbeing of our patients. To avoid adverse health problems later, Lybrate offers online video/tele consultations for people who couldn’t reach the hospital. During this time, it is even more important to get an exper’ts consultation to keep our patients healthy. Taking precautions is always mandatory not only for you but also for your family members.

Benefits of Online Consultation

Convenient and Easy

Begin with an instant consultation within 2 minutes or do video consultation at the planned time.

Consult Top Doctors 24×7

Connect promptly with a 24×7 specialist or opt for a video visit with a particular doctor.

100% Safe Consultations

Make sure that your online consultation would be completely private and secured.

Free Follow-up

Get a valid digital prescription and a 7-day, free follow-up for further explanations.

Similar Clinic Experience

Experience clinic-like discussion via a video call with the doctor. Video consultation is obtainable only on the Practo app.

Opt for the best decision for your health 

Opt for something best for your health by choosing Lybrate. Here’s why you may blindly count on us:

  • Easy and affordable app to use
  • 24×7 accessibility of top healthcare professionals
  • Several years of legacy in the medical industry
  • Many medical specialties under one roof i.e., Lybrate
  • Digitised resolution of health-related doubts by patients
  • Online prescriptions by top class doctors: available 24/7

Procedure of Doctor’s Consultation at Lybrate

A patient may link to a doctor confidentially by following some simple steps. Online consultation must be a very simple process. 

  • Select a doctor: Patient may select doctor as per the signs and speciality. Also, the patient can search doctor effortlessly from Search panel according to his experience, his speciality, rating, etc.
  • Select the mode of consultation: After opting for a doctor, patient can choose the right mode i.e., video, audio call, or chat or text. 
  • Adding all the details (that will remain confidential): The patient needs to give his information which is very confidential, only doctor can see them. 
  • Payment process via online mode: Since, Lybrate works online, medical aid is available at cheap rates. Patient may choose payment modes like Debit or Credit cards, Paytm Wallet, Google pay, net banking, MobiWik, Amazon Pay, PhonePe, Paypal, and many more.

Online Consultation with Doctors easy now

Advanced technologies deliver quality treatment to patients locating in remote regions. In addition, for patients who demand medical attention. There are several modes of online consultation with doctors. All the modes are entirely safe, secure, protected, as well as trouble-free.

At Lybrate, patients can link to the doctors through our three modes i.e., Text or Chat, Phone, and Video. These are a lot of ways to reach the concerned healthcare provider without the need of going to a hospital or clinic. This all is because of the advanced technology. Doctor consultations now becomes easy and the concerned patient can the timely and right health care. Patient may select the best methods to link to any physician online. He or she might get medical advices via text, audio call, or video call discussion. 

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