Can Yogi Adityanath become number two in BJP? In UP, politics increased by climbing on the chest of history



When the results of the UP elections came, it became clear that Yogi Adityanath’s guru is in the upper house. Yogi climbed the chest of history and got the iron of his might. The seats may have decreased a bit as compared to 2017, but the votes have increased. Now it is not important that Yogi will again become the Chief Minister of UP. Rather, the matter started rising beyond this that what is there for Yogi ahead of the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh?

To know the answer to this question, we have to look at the picture with both of them, which is from about four months ago. That picture was taken in Lucknow’s Raj Bhawan. This picture was taken when such reports were coming that the distance between BJP has increased in Delhi and Lucknow. Prime Minister Modi’s hand on Chief Minister Yogi’s shoulder. Prime Minister Narendra Modi giving Gurumantra to Chief Minister Yogi. Yogi understood what Prime Minister Modi explained in such a way that the opposition kept staring at his face and UP said – Ye Dil Mange Yogi, because Yogi is the most useful for UP.

Understand Yogi’s personality and politics

Now another question emerges from this point. Yogi is useful for UP or is PM Modi’s deputy yogi. Chief Minister Yogi will limit the area of ​​his politics to Uttar Pradesh or BJP will make great use of him. Till now, PM Modi’s number 2 in BJP has been formally considered to be Rajnath Singh and informally to Amit Shah. Between these two, can Yogi be the natural choice of the public at number 2? To know the answer, you should understand the personality and politics of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath.

This is the same connection between Modi and Yogi

Modi also became the Chief Minister of Gujarat by chance and Yogi also became the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh by chance. Modi had proved twenty years ago that he knows how to win the hearts of the people. Now Yogi has also proved it. Like Modi, Yogi also knows how to stick to his decisions aggressively. Both the leaders do not care at all for criticism. Like Modi, Yogi also has the image of a strict administrator and honest leader. Like Modi, Yogi has also become a popular leader among the people of the country. And in front of all this, Yogi Adityanath’s ocher disguise also mixes the sacred color of sannyasa in his politics.

Everyone’s head bows before the sannyasin

Even if the power in India is abused, everyone’s head bows before the sannyasin. Big leaders of BJP and Chief Ministers of states bow down in front of Yogi with this sentiment. There are many such pictures from Shivraj Chauhan to Gajendra Singh Shekhawat. Yogi Adityanath is the Mahant of Goraksha Mandir. Because of this, he is the Sarvasarva of the Nath sect. Lakhs of people of this sect are spread across the country. From Karnataka, Haryana, Rajasthan to Tripura, he dominates many assembly seats. This connection of Yogi has now become a bonus for him in politics. While being the CM of Gujarat Narendra Modi Brands were made. Then his face was of Hindutva. Then by promoting Gujarat’s development model across the country, Modi carved a new image for himself. In which the sentiments ranging from the messiah of the poor to the sympathizer of the backward are included.

Yogi is also on the path of Modi
After becoming the MP of Gorakhpur for five consecutive terms, when he took over the power of UP, he was only a symbol of fierce Hindutva. His image was ten instead of one. However, after running the government for five years, on the basis of his work, he has made his image that of a bulldozer Baba. This Bahubali model of Yogi of running the kingdom is very much discussed. The CMs of Madhya Pradesh and Assam, where there is a BJP government, are copying it.

Told PM Modi the political guru

Law and order has been a big issue in every election in UP for the last several years. The party in power had to face the wrath of the public every time, but this time Yogi got votes on the same issue. Shashi Shekhar, group editor of Dainik Hindustan, says that Yogi himself had told me that I have two gurus. My spiritual guru is Avaidyanath ji and political guru is PM Modi. Modi has made his image of Vikas Purush, then Yogi has become a brand of better law and order.

Slogans of Modi-Yogi are raised together

Slogans of Modi and Yogi are raised simultaneously from every platform of BJP in UP. These are not mere coincidences. Ration and governance are being considered as the basic mantra behind BJP’s victory in UP. Modi’s ration and Yogi’s government. CSDS surveys show that 41 percent of those who voted for BJP in UP did so only for Yogi. BJP government is being formed in Uttarakhand too, but the victory was in the name of Modi. According to the CSDS survey, 40 percent of the people voted for BJP in the name of Modi. So what to believe that the slogan of Modi and Yogi will run across the country.

Yogi can also be number two

Opinions of those keeping a close eye on politics are divided. Senior journalist Brajesh Shukla says from number 1 to 100 in BJP, only Modi is there. Right now there is no need for number two. At the same time, another senior journalist Yogesh Mishra says that Amit Shah is number two in terms of organization and government, but according to the choice of the public, Yogi can also be number two. The chemistry of Narendra Modi and Yogi Adityanath is also amazing. If the schemes of the Center have been implemented with utmost sincerity, then it is the state of Yogi.

Yogi is on new heights

Best use of double engine government. There is a chemistry of Narendra Modi and Amit Shah. Its foundation was laid in Gujarat and now the Modi and Shah duo have influence across the country. From organization to running the government. That is why Shah is called Chanakya of Modi. After thirty-seven years, Yogi is now at a new height by making a record of maintaining the government in UP. He has been counted among the top three leaders of BJP. After Modi, he is also the biggest star campaigner of the party, Amit Shah has said that Yogi’s victory in 2022 is Modi’s victory in 2024. Twenty-two wins have been won, can the Yogi’s Raj Yoga change after winning 24?

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