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The crypto industry is a promising but young area, so there are specific regulatory difficulties that prevent the entire interaction between cryptocurrencies and traditional money. Users face certain risks and restrictions when they want to use their cards to withdraw cryptocurrencies.

International fintech companies are issuing their crypto cards that allow you to pay for purchases with sell btc to debit card, ETH, and other digital assets. Many companies and banks may issue their cryptocurrency cards in the foreseeable future. And with Webmoney cards, the possibility of converting cryptocurrency into fiat has existed for a long time. Webmoney was among the first companies to provide such an opportunity.

With the help of this instruction, you will learn how to withdraw cryptocurrency to a card, what cards exist for cryptocurrencies, and services for exchanging digital assets for fiat.

How to buy and withdraw cryptocurrency to the card

The easiest and fastest way is through exchangers. Transfers are made directly between the accounts of the client and the site. As a rule, modern exchangers support automatic or semi-automatic exchange. The system automatically sends the required amount to your wallet or card when you transfer funds to the specified details. Buying cryptocurrency with a card is a simple process. You need:

  • Leave a request indicating the amount, payment method, and address of your wallet;
  • Transfer the required amount to the details issued by the exchanger;
  • Confirm the payment and wait for the receipt of funds.

We wrote a separate article on “How to buy cryptocurrency.” Exchangers provide a transaction ID with which you can track its status. In the case of withdrawing bitcoin to the card, you will need to wait after the transaction until a certain number of network confirmations. The time depends on the commission amount you have set. Usually, the exchange takes place quickly – within 15 minutes.

How is the exchange from a cryptocurrency card

When using debit crypto cards, the conversion process is greatly simplified. You can easily convert cryptocurrency to fiat and vice versa in the app, just like in mobile banking; for example, sell btc to iban. And if cryptocurrencies are used for purchases, then exchange from the card is not required at all – this is the main advantage of these cards.

The main disadvantage of crypto debit cards is that they are currently only available in a few regions, and information on public areas is difficult to find. But you can contact the support of the company that issued the card and clarify the necessary information directly from them.

The easiest way to withdraw cryptocurrency to the card

The easiest way is an exchanger. But if you want to sell cryptocurrencies at a higher rate than exchangers offer, use P2P cryptocurrency exchange services such as Trastra. You can create an ad and set your own selling rate with them. But it should be borne in mind that a buyer will not be found immediately: it can take several hours to several days. Therefore, the exchange through P2P platforms is not the fastest way to withdraw cryptocurrency from the card.

The exchange itself goes like this:

  • You register an account and replenish the internal account of the platform with cryptocurrency;
  • Then you create an ad, specifying the limits and payment method (bank card, transfer, or payment system);
  • Waiting for requests from buyers.

The site ensures the exchange’s security, but installing advanced account protection against hacking is recommended using two-factor authentication (2FA).

Now you know how to withdraw cryptocurrency to the card in various ways. Choose any method you like.

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