Choosing your new eyeglasses is important – here’s what to consider


If you need to change your eyeglasses you are in the right place. The best online eyeglass store helps you find eyeglasses of every color, shape and size. But what are the criteria for choosing your new glasses? Below we share 5 tips for choosing eyeglasses for you:

Quality and slow treatments

The quality and treatments of the lenses must be chosen with care when changing eyeglasses (or making the first pair). The material we recommend is CR39 , an organic material, the most used by opticians in recent years. Glass is an excellent material but has a higher specific weight than the CR39 and therefore, given that the lightness of the glasses is an important feature, the CR39 is preferred over glass.

To choose treatments well, you need to understand your habits well; for example, if you spend many hours in front of PC and Smartphone displays, it is essential to buy eyeglasses that have anti-blue light lenses (blue light is the radiation emitted by all LED screens and lamps that causes red eyes, headaches , visual fatigue …). If, on the other hand, to give another example, you work outside, it is essential for you to have glasses with the photochromic treatment included. Furthermore, the anti-reflection is a treatment that every eyewear must have to avoid annoying reflections from windows and other sources of lighting.

Eyeglass frame

The choice of frame is just as important as the choice of treatments and lens materials. In fact, in addition to a purely aesthetic factor, the frame must fit perfectly on your face so as not to tighten too much on the temples or on the contrary slip on your nose making you look like “Grandma Duck”. The choice of the shape of the frame is to be done according to the shape of your face. In fact, for example, for a “square” face, frames with soft round or oval shapes are recommended; vice versa, for a “round” face, more rectangular and square optical frames are preferred to widen the gaze more. We refer you to this page to find out which type of frame is best suited to your face, regardless of whether you have it “at heart”, “pointed ” etc … 

Try frames at home or virtually

As mentioned, the choice of the frame is important both from an ergonomic and an aesthetic point of view. To make the right choice, it is important to have time to decide and ask for advice from friends and relatives as well. In fact, most of the time we go to the optician with someone we trust because their opinion can help us choose if we are undecided. In this way you have the opportunity to ask and do surveys among your loved ones, without having the “pressure” of opticians or salespeople who may intend to sell you the most expensive eyewear or the one they have left in stock …

Quality eye exam

The frame and the lenses can be perfect and of top quality but if the eye exam is done superficially or by unqualified personnel, everything is nullified. Professionals advice is to make a visit to the ophthalmologist every 2 years (in case of already overt pathologies) to do a thorough check, and to rely in parallel on qualified opticians-optometrists before making (or simply changing lenses) of new ones. glasses. Glass stores give you the opportunity to have an eye exam with qualified partner opticians to have the best possible glasses.

Warranty and returns

Buying a pair of glasses is important for your eyesight but also for your look. Would you buy it more “with a light heart”, knowing that for any technical problem the optician will repair it or you can even replace it at ZERO cost? The best online eyeglass store have fully embraced this philosophy of customer care and in fact allows you to return the glasses free of charge within 30 days of purchase if you are not satisfied with it. Furthermore, by adding a simple guarantee you are free from any damage (even accidental) for 24 months. Does your optician offer you all this?

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