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The world of business has been changing rapidly like never before. Whether it’s a small business or a large one, having quick access to business data is essential. Enterprises are implementing cloud computing services and are now allowing users to access data stored remotely with ease. 

Why do enterprises need cloud computing?

Cloud computing is an umbrella term. There are various cloud services under this; a few are listed below.

Cloud Storage: Under cloud storage, the primary function is to store and back up files for regular quick access to data. Businesses can share and sync data across devices smoothly. 

Cloud Backup: It is interesting to note here that though cloud storage and backup seem the same there is a difference. Cloud backup is used more like a failsafe key during times of server crash, cyber-attacks, or data loss due to any other reasons. 

Software as a Service (SaaS): As a cloud computing service, SaaS uses the web to provide a service. Some major SaaS platforms are – Office 365, Google Apps, Salesforce, and relevant applications.   

Cloud hosting: Cloud hosting is basically providing multiple types of information sharing which includes emails, application hosting, data storage, and many more. 

Merits of having cloud computing services

Among the various benefits of cloud computing services, boosting productivity, improving collaboration, and innovation top the list. Here are a few further five add-on benefits that small and midsize businesses can reap from cloud computing:

Accessible Data: The default use of cloud computing is to access information anywhere from a compatible device. Rather than storing data on office systems and not having on-demand access cloud computing stores data on the internet.

Here, information is stored at a central web-based hub that provides access to anyone who has the required credentials to access info from anywhere. It is important to note here that data can only be accessed with a stable internet connection. 

User Consistency: As a team, there are times when a lot of people are working on the same file. Human errors are bound to happen. In this case, since the files are stored in a centralized system, everyone has access to an updated file, and unavoidable errors can be avoided.

Remote Programs: This is among the most loved feature of cloud computing services; employees have access to data the way they would when they are in the office. It is like bringing the office to the location of the employees. It allows users to access all forms of files and applications like an in-office set-up. 

Data Back-up: As mentioned umpteen times, data stored in hardware or office systems can be lost due to any unforeseen incidents but, with data backed up on the cloud, enterprises can be assured of not losing their asset (data) at any cost.  

Cost-efficient: Purchasing and maintaining server equipment are time-consuming and expensive too! Businesses can build their storage systems according to their own needs by implementing cloud computing services.  

Types of Cloud Computing Services

These services have a wide range of applicability, from data storage to functional programs, including software like accounting, customer service, desktop hosting, and many more. These are majorly categorized into three groups which are as follows: 

Infrastructure as a Service: IaaS acts as replacement hardware like in-house web hosting servers. 

Platform as a Service: With the support of this service, software developers are provided access to cloud-based tools like APIs, web portals, and more. 

Software as a Service: SaaS provides users access to software over the internet. It gives access through computers and mobile devices with stable internet. It also allows employees to work together on projects, critical files, and work on computer programs. 

In this blog, we learned why enterprises need cloud computing, how useful it is for their businesses, and the different types of cloud computing services companies can adopt. We hope this blog was enlightening. Experts at Clairvoyant would be happy to help you take this journey when needed. Feel free to reach out to us anytime! 

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