Counting of votes for Goa assembly elections will start shortly



Goa Election Results: The results of the Goa assembly elections will be clear in a few hours. This time the BJP is trying to form the government for the third time in a row, while the Congress hopes that it will form the government in Goa with an absolute majority. A total of 302 candidates contested the 40 seats in Goa. Whose future will be decided with the opening of EVMs.

TMC-AAP did an interesting contest
However, this time the elections in Goa have become very interesting because here apart from BJP and Congress, many other parties have also put their full emphasis. In which the biggest name is of Mamta Banerjee’s party TMC and Kejriwal’s Aam Aadmi Party. Along with this, they are also getting the support of regional parties. In such a situation, if BJP or Congress does not get a clear majority, then these parties can play a very important role and can prove to be kingmakers.

Tight competition in exit poll results
If we talk about the results of exit polls, then Goa has been told a tough competition. In the exit polls of ABP, C-Voter, the ruling BJP was predicted to get 13 to 17 seats, while the Congress was shown to get 12 to 16 seats. The TMC alliance was projected to get 5 to 9 seats in Goa. In such a situation, if there is no clear majority, then TMC can come in the role of kingmaker.

What is the preparation of election commission
According to election officials, the counting of votes will take place at two places. Which includes Damodar College in Margao and Government Polytechnic College in Altinho, Panaji. Tight security arrangements have been made at the counting center, there will be three-tier security. According to officials, the results for all 40 seats are expected by noon. Counting of votes will start from 8 am.

Let us tell you that even after winning 17 seats in the last election i.e. 2017, the Congress could not form the government. The reason for this was that the BJP, which won 13 seats here, took some independent MLAs and MLAs of regional parties with them and proved their majority. Even before the Congress, the BJP staked claim to form the government and the government was formed under the leadership of Manohar Parrikar.



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