Delhi Police’s Tarangini program on the occasion of International Women’s Day, women asked questions



On the occasion of International Women’s Day, a special program named ‘Tarangini’ was organized at Delhi Police Headquarters. Delhi 50 thousand women virtually joined this program. On this occasion, Delhi Police Commissioner Rakesh Asthana honored the women working for the society, besides those women policemen who brought laurels to the name of Delhi Police with their work. Not only this, the women of Delhi also asked questions to the Delhi Police Commissioner and the commissioner also answered all the questions.

Rakesh Asthana gave information about women’s safety
The staff of Delhi Police’s 1784 beat and the women living there joined this special program. Delhi Police Commissioner Rakesh Asthana said that in the coming days, many steps are being taken to enable the women of Delhi to feel more secure. Delhi Police Commissioner said that there are 500 dark spots in Delhi, which have been identified. In the coming days, efforts are being made to make a booth at all the dark spots. More patrolling is being done there. Efforts are being made to cover all the dark spots so that the women of Delhi can feel more secure.

The Delhi Police Commissioner also talked about the cyber crime happening with women in the program. He said that it is being seen that cyber criminals upload photos, phone numbers of women on the Internet. The commissioner said that there is no need for any woman to panic, for this there is an IFSO unit of Delhi Police which works only for cyber crime, you should register your complaint there. Action is taken immediately. Apart from this, cyber police stations have also been opened in all the districts of Delhi, complaints can be given there too.

Women asked questions to the commissioner
The women of Delhi also questioned the police commissioner regarding the safety of women. A woman named Sangeeta Sharma questioned that those who molest women come out on the bail and are scared of them. What does the police do for this? In response to this question, Rakesh Asthana replied that after any accused is caught, a separate record is made. There is a system in our police station, even after the accused are released, their proper surveillance is done. We get the information of those who leave the jail in the police station, as soon as we get the information, our beat staff takes care of which accused is where and what they are doing.

A woman asked that schools and colleges are starting again after Kovid, it has been seen many times that mischievous elements gather outside the school and college, what is the Delhi Police taking regarding this. In response to this, the commissioner said that policemen will be deployed at the time of opening and closing of schools and colleges from where such complaints are being received. Doctor Archana from West Delhi asked how more and more women would come in the police force? In response to this, the Police Commissioner said that the Government of India has a plan that 33% of all forces should be women, as far as Delhi Police is concerned, we have about 13% women policemen so far. It will be 25% by 2025 and will gradually increase to 33%.

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