Foolishness to impose CAATSA sanctions on India for buying S-400 missiles from Russia: Senator Cruz



Republican leader and influential lawmaker in the US, Ted Cruz, has asked the administration of the country’s President Joe Biden to buy the S-400 missiles from Russia on India under the “Combating American Adversaries through Sanctions Act” (CAATSA). It would be “extraordinary absurdity” to impose any sanctions under

Cruz said, “There have been reports that the Biden administration is considering imposing CAATSA sanctions against India, the largest democratic country on Earth. I think this decision would be extraordinarily foolish.
Cruz said last week that relations between India and the United States had deteriorated under the Badin administration. He said, “India is an important partner in many areas and the India-US alliance has deepened and strengthened in recent years, but it is going backward in the Biden administration.”

Cruz, referring to India’s absence from the UN General Assembly during a vote on a resolution condemning Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, said India was not the only country to have done so. During another hearing before the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee, Cruz said relations with India under the Biden administration “have deteriorated significantly” over the past year due to India’s recent absence from the United Nations. It is evident.

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