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Going to the South, also known as Tu Le Kho, is favored by many people. Immediately grasp the information below to be able to play to the South to bring as many wins as possible for you. 

Pay attention to observing and learn more to play where to eat right away without having to worry like before. Below, the Kubet bookie will share tips to play Go Forward.

Many people choose to play and move to the South.

Going South is the name of an exciting card game. Those who have played it all find this attractive, entertaining, and rewarding game. Moving forward is a familiar game that originated in the West.

When you look at the deck, you will see 52 cards. The cards are randomly arranged and shuffled before play. So you can be assured of transparency when playing. Although there are a few variations, it’s a fun game. You can increase your chances of making money from this game.

Where does progressive gameplay come from, Kubet?

So far, there are no specific statistics or exact sources about where the game’s origins come from, Ku. However, according to some shares, advancement originated in China and appeared in the eighth year of the last century.

The game has spread quickly to many countries and including Vietnam. Game members play big and are increasing day by day. Anyone can play the game, and there are no strict constraints. So you can rest assured when participating in this game.

The game appears with many significant bonus mechanisms, so everyone wants to be able to experience bringing back their rewards.

How many cards are there in the southward deck?

When you play Ku casino, this bookie is a fixed 52-card game. The labs arrange by value from smallest to largest. Consisting of cards 2 – 9, “Aces” are counted as one point. J, Q, and K are 10 points.

The cards are also sized based on their suit—the identical ace, checker, spade, spade. The value of these cards indicates that the spade is large, and the checker is larger than the hand. Based on that, each player will have a more optimal way to advance for themselves.

What types of advancement are there?

Currently, the card game advances have many variations. Members may encounter many different variations. However, the two general types of the current famous passage are moving to the North and moving to the South.

Going North

Is it challenging to play in the style of the Northern people? Do many people wonder about this question? However, you can rest assured that it is not difficult. The members are also dealt the cards in the game first.

Whoever is the first to deal will be the dealer. And then, whoever wins will be handled the next card. From the next game, whomever the winner will be, you need to work hard to play. When you have a standard playing strategy, you can intercept, get big rewards and spend the bottles yourself.

The members can be dealt 13 cards according to the number of players. After the first card plays, the first to be handled will be the dealer or the dealer’s right hand.

If the last hit will rot the Pig, and when you lose, you will lose your original amount. Try to have many tactics so that you are the winner if you get the share and increase your chances of an instant bonus.

Going South

Southerners love this game, and many people spend time playing it forward. You can play Go to white or play to Black.

These are the two ways to play that are used by many people when playing in the South. Wherever you are, you can play this game. Bet on play and increase your chances with bonuses, your fastest calculation.

Instructions on how to play to the South

Do you know why moving forward is loved by so many people? The main reason is that this is a game played with familiar cards. Each card has a specific value and different large and small par. You can play and win right away if you are intelligent enough to calculate the moves when the pieces are out.

Go white

Playing to white is a good direction many people share when playing to the South. It would help if you referred to it and immediately applied it to your game. The player is counted First without hitting any pieces when you are the winner.

And in white to white, you will see there are 2 cases. That is counting pigs and not counting pigs. Considering the counting, who has the Pig, Kubet will convert the row to a specific loss and fine.

With no pig night, the unlucky loser will lose money to the white person. That means the person who comes white gets twice as much money as the loser.


This bet is also a familiar direction in advancing to the South. As you play, you will see that freezing to white is a term used by many people. They use for players who haven’t played cards while the first person has finished.

At the same time, freezing is also a term used to refer to the loser who will have to pay the penalty of buying two more games, pig night, or fine. So most players don’t want to be of them frozen. https://kubet77.vip/ will accrue the amount of the penalty to the only winner.

Village Temple

If there is a card that players can play, but when it is your turn not to play, Kubet will convert it to a way of playing as a village temple. Those who return with cards but don’t get compensated similarly. Thus, the payer will have to pay the loss for the rest.

The village temple suffers many losses but will be the one who has priority in fighting for the first game in the next round. So this could be a flexible mechanism. It will give the unlucky person a chance to win.


Chopping is a way to play to the South that is often shared. This model means that the wrong player uses the existing decks of cards that combine to block the front.

The blocking rule gives that the quarter can be tight. That means you can see a pair of pigs, three pines, and a minor quartet. And you can play three teams of close pins to increase your chances. And the last stop rule is four pairs of tight connections. That means including one Pig, pair of pigs, three pairs of pine, four pairs of more miniature pine, and four quarters.


Rotten means that when there is a winner, one of the following exceptional cases can be combined. It could be a lot of Pig or its shell. You can connect to hit four pairs of pine or quartet.

 If you hit the black Pig, you will lose ½ of your bet when you lose. And playing red Pig will be blocked as a one-time bet. When hitting three pairs of pine, stop the chance one time. You will be blocked two times your bet when playing four teams of pins. As for the fourth lieutenant, the player can block 1.5 times the bet.

How to play to the South to get high rewards?

At Ku casino South is one of the fun games to play. No matter what progression you play, you will have many opportunities for yourself. As long as you are a hard-working person and creatively combine the suggestions below, you can play anywhere and win quickly.

Play with a high concentration

Once the game moves forward and disperses to other activities, you will not remember what your numbers are or how the move is correct. So where did gay come from, Ku? Once you’ve played, you should put aside everything to focus on this game. At the same time, you should keep your mind stable. Only then can you play well and minimize the risks.

Try to play standard and in good spirits. Only then can you find grounded playing directions. At the same time, in the process of playing, you should invest time in research to improve the results from this way of playing to the best.

Choose the best bookie to play.

If it comes to reputable bookmakers, they have progressed quite a bit, but choosing a good place is still a question. It would help to prioritize playing at a house with detailed information and reputable activities. The basis of this assessment is to specify the operating time, the headquarters, and whether or not it is licensed to operate.

In addition, you can look at the professional look of the unit. From there, you can know whether to play or not. Therefore, you should prioritize choosing units like this to play where to to win.

You can prioritize playing at Kubet, Thabet, and 789 bets among the current units. These are all famous bookies. The information system is sound and highly secure, so you don’t have to worry about losing information. When winning, the house will immediately add money to the account.

Learn how to fight from successful people

During the participation process, members can immediately apply the ways of playing from their predecessors and collaborate creatively. The experience of the previous player is an excellent factor to help you play with more bonuses.

Try when you play. You also cast ruts to have a playbook for yourself. After playing, play to your strengths and limit your mistakes so that your game can achieve the best results.

I hope you can understand and play better through this sharing. I wish you the winner.

Moving to the South and the secrets to becoming a MASTER

Going to the South is a form of gambling that emerged many years ago. Because it is easy to play and highly entertaining, it has become prevalent, attracting many players.

However, to win, you should know the rules of the game. Below is information on how to play as well as the management of this game. You can refer to it with Kubet!

Things to know about moving to the South

The South emerged in the 80s. This model is a game familiar to those who have ever played 52 cards. This game is straightforward, killing punishment, can be played by 3-4 people simultaneously, and is highly entertaining, so it attracts many players, especially on holidays and Tet.

To win, players need to calculate how to combine cards and card steps and combine with observing opponents’ situations to be able to play all cards quickly. Best. And regardless of the game, if you want to win, you need to have your secrets and tactics through learning and accumulating experience.

However, not everyone knows how to play and the rules of this game. And please follow the article below. I will summarize everything you need to know about this game for reference!

What is going to the South?

This type of card game, also known as President, uses a deck of 52 cards and is dealt to 4 hands with 13 cards each, with at least two players. If there are not enough four cards, each person still deals with 13 cards. The remaining cards are in the center of the table. The cards are from smallest to largest as below:

• 3 < 4 < 5 < 6 < 7 < 8 < 9 < 10 < J < Q < K < A and 2 (also known as pig) is the largest card.

• Regarding the card’s properties, the biggest is: Chess – Dragon – Dragonfly – Spades.

https://kubet77.vip/ can arrange the cards in pairs, three cards, quarters, or straight. You don’t need to calculate the same hall in the correct order. The winning hand either has more units with a sufficient number of cards for the first player or is of a more card nature. For example, The first person to make a double 3 – spade you have a pair of 3 – check, you win, or the first person to make a 4-5-6 card, you have 7-8-9 to win. That’s why it’s called playing cards forward. Oversized cards are chopping small cards.

Terms in the game

• Pig: Card 2, also known as Pig, has the highest number of all cards.

• Pair: Pair in Southern advance means that you have two cards of the same number in your hand (like 2-2; QQ; KK,…).

• Sage: In your hand, you have three cards of the same kind.

• Hall: A set of 3 consecutive cards not of the same suit (e.g., 10-J-Q, 6-7-8-9, J-Q-K-A,…).

• Quadruple: The deck has four cards together (like 5-5-5-5, Q-Q-Q-Q,…), and the quartet can cut a pig or a pair of pigs.

• Pair of cards: A deck of cards with pairs in consecutive order.

• Blind shot: The player hits the last three spades. In this case, the loser has to pay double the bet.

• Garbage: The odd cards that are not pairs or the lobby.

• Freeze: This means the end of the game, but there are still 13 cards in hand.

• Rotten: When someone comes first to win, you still have pairs, pigs, or quarters in your hand.

Ways to play to the South always win

How to defeat the opponent quickly in a game going to the South? This Kubet model is the question that many players are still looking for Ku. We will reveal some of the ways the experts have given us, such as:

Always keep the card high

You can apply the trick of keeping the last high cards of the hand. This pattern means that when the hand is nearing the end, the player should keep a card, a line, or a high pair. The possibility of finishing first will be substantial.

If you are the lucky one to play first, choose odd cards for the opponent to clear their lobby. Thanks to that, your junk deck will have an extra chance of winning. You should leave the last high-value cards to close the opponent and win for yourself.

Use safe play

At https://kubet77.vip/ in the case of going to the South, if you see that the other players have many cards left while you only have one card or less than them, use this error. It would help if you were not too confident to take risks. Think carefully; otherwise, it is easy to lose. The players are almost out of cards. Take advantage of all the low-quality cards, such as 3 of spades.

When you are fortunate enough to have a quartet or a large pair or trio, definitely do not express feelings of excitement or contemplation. At this point, learn to sit and wait for the opportunity to come because only your gestures and emotional actions will make your opponent suspicious. When the opportunity comes, cut it right away, and don’t overthink.

If possible, hide your cards so your opponent can’t guess what you have in your hand. Therefore, it is difficult for the opponent to apply the fastest way to remember the cards in this case. At that time, they will feel confused about which card to choose to play next. This model is an opportunity for you to take advantage of counterattack and defeat your opponent with quality cards.

Understand the rules of the game and carefully observe the opponent’s fighting style

Accept losing the first few games if you are not at the top of the experienced and good players. Then focus on observing the opponent’s fighting style to know what special moves they have. Kubet is one of the card tips going to the South that many people apply.

If you apply this way, you will know who is a good player, a bad player, and who should be cautious. When an opponent skips a turn, you must observe what cards they miss or save to develop the following strategy.


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