Holi started in Ujjain by applying Gulal to Mahakal. Country immersed in celebration from Kashmir to Kanyakumari



Holi Celebration: The festival of Holi is celebrated across the country. Holi started with the evening aarti at Mahakaleshwar temple in Ujjain. There was fierce gulal between the devotee and the Lord. Hundreds of devotees from all over the country have reached Mahakaleshwar temple to play Holi. Holi starts after Holika Dahan across the country. First of all, Holi was celebrated in the courtyard of Baba Mahakal located in Ujjain. According to tradition, in the evening aarti, devotees applied Abir and Gulal to Baba. After the aarti, Holika Dahan was done with chants in the Mahakal temple premises. The pundits and priests of the temple played Holi with colors as well as flowers. Devotees who arrived at Baba’s court greeted each other on Holi by applying gulal. The festival of colors has started across the country. Before Holi, on the evening of Holika Dahan, Mahakal is first bathed with the juice of flowers, then according to the tradition, Lord Shiva is adorned and after that Rajpurohit applies Gulal to Mahakal.

Holi begins by applying Gulal to Mahakal

This tradition is performed only in the Dakshin Mukhi Jyotirlinga Mahakaleshwar temple. To assimilate this supernatural scene, Shiva devotees from all over the country reached the court of Mahakal in Ujjain. After the aarti, the priests shower colors on the devotees as prasad of Baba and with this the formal start of Holi. After applying Gulal to Mahakal, Holika Dahan is done with rituals in the courtyard of the temple. Shiva devotees celebrate the victory of good over evil. The whole atmosphere becomes colorful with Abir-Gulal. Let us inform that the devotees present in the temple were not able to celebrate Holi with Baba Mahakal for 2 years due to corona, but this time after the end of all the restrictions of corona infection, a large number of devotees reached Baba Mahakal’s Dham and participated in the celebration. Happened.

Mathura immersed in the colors of Holi

On the other hand, the city of Mathura is also drenched in the colors of Holi. Gulaal was flown fiercely in the Dwarkadhish temple. On this occasion, people danced fiercely in Mathura. Here the colors of Holi are visible everywhere. The Lathmar Holi here is famous all over the country. Women attack men with sticks. During this, a large number of women and men gather to play Holi.

Holi of Avadh is also very famous. By erasing the wall of caste and religion, people are playing Holi in Siyaram’s court. Acharya Satyendra Das, the chief priest of Ramlala in Ayodhya, the city of Shri Ram, and Iqbal Ansari, a former party to the Babri Masjid, who were face to face in the court over the mosque dispute for nearly three decades, have now lost their distance with the construction of a grand temple and Together, both are giving the message of peace and harmony to the country. After playing Holi together in Ramdarbar, the sages of Ayodhya are also sharing the happiness of this festival with the people of Muslim society. School children also played Holi fiercely in Vadodara, Gujarat.

Holi of BSF jawans

In Jammu and Kashmir also people are immersed in the colors of Holi. The color of Holi is also elevated among the soldiers deployed in the security of the country. BSF jawans were seen immersed in the fun of Holi in Gajansu area of ​​Jammu.

Holi at Ganga Ghat

On the other hand, in Parmarth Niketan of Rishikesh, the festival of Holi is overshadowed by foreign tourists too. Here flowers were used instead of colors in Holi. Swami Chidanand showered flowers on foreign devotees, foreign devotees were completely immersed in the celebration of Holi. Every year a large number of foreign devotees gather at Parmarth Niketan on Holi. Enjoy the colors and also get the knowledge of spirituality from Swami Chidananda Muni. On the other hand, local artists are also seen immersed in the colors of Holi at the Ganga Ghat of Varanasi in UP. Artists sang Holi songs and applied color and abir to each other. So the same people in many parts of Delhi, Haryana, Punjab, UP and Bihar after Holika Dahan. Holi has started. People are applying color and abir to each other with enthusiasm and gaiety.

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