How Commercial Cleaning Services Impact Your Business


Primary Research

The study uses internal and external sources to determine who is interested in the commercial cleaning management, acquisition, design, and solutions.  The plan of marketing the business is based on the results of a research/survey in which different questions were asked to the 1000 citizens of Jamaica including 600 women and 400 men. 70% of the people answered ‘Yes’, when they were asked whether they prefer to take consultancy and solutions for their property deals and issues. 80% of the women and 85% of the men responded positively in response to the question whether the designs and planning are important for property management. 75% of the people said that they prefer the island for their property deals. After gathering all the data and research we proposed to start the company in the Jamaica and Caribbean. The business is truly based on the will of the citizens of Jamaica and in accord to their interest. The idea is quite innovative which will attract the customers and investors as well.

Secondary Research

The secondary research was based on the research of the direct impacts. We found it convincing that property consultancy has a brilliant future in this region of the world. People want to deal with property for the comfort of their life and building assets. They want to consult a team with the knowledge of the locality and best plan for the future prospects. As Jamaica is a Caribbean island which attracts the tourists and visitors from all over the world, people of different countries will see this concept. We will have the best advertising for the company. The amount of foreign visitors who visit Jamaica every year is increasing. They will be fascinating to visit such places. So the future of this type of marketing is very bright. 

Market Positioning 

The main point which will attract the attention of the client is the availability of most reasonable deals of the property all across Jamaica. People will feel comfortable with our management and consultancy as we have a very hardworking team. There are services like this all across the world currently and it has positive impacts there so there is a huge competition in this business field. The idea of managing this business is to provide the solutions to the clients related to their property. Jamaica is one of the beautiful places in the world and people, it will surely facilitate my business. 


Marketing is directly related to the customers and profit is directly related to the customer satisfaction. Our consultancy team will provide the best services to the customers by providing the best solution for their property issue. Our employees will provide full-time customer support with professionalism and good behavior. The quality of the services is the main concern and it will never be compromised in any situation. Customers will also be able to find all the information about us on all social media platforms. As the targeted customers are related to property deals, we will provide all the services related to the requirements of them. The services will be of high quality and we will respond to the customers with actions for any kind of mishap or complains. The customer care services will be highly professional and friendly up to the complete satisfaction of the customers.

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