How did life start? Indian scientist will go deep into the ocean to find answers



‘Some secrets related to the origin of life still remain intact’

M Ravichandran, Secretary, Ministry of Earth Sciences said, "Some mysteries related to the origin of life still remain intact. There are theories that life originated in a ‘hydro thermal vent’ located at a depth of four to five kilometers in the ocean." They said, "There is complete darkness in the depth of four to five kilometers, but life is present there too. How could life have originated in that depth, how could a living being have lived there? The Deep Ocean Expedition will help us find out." Ravichandran said that with the help of DOM, India will also be helped in making a map of the ocean floor, where there are deposits of minerals and metals.

‘Matsya 6000’ submersible vehicle for ‘Samudrayaan Abhiyan’ 

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