How eBay Pack and Ship Works: Things To Consider


Are you planning to start your online business? You have several factors to think of. One of these is the shipment of your items. Thankfully, eBay is available. But you must know first how eBay pack and ship work. So check these things before you sign up with them. 

Where to Buy Packaging Materials

Before creating an online store, choose which packing materials first. Which among the boxes and plastic envelopes do you think your product will fit? Where can you find them at an affordable price? 

There are various places you can find eBay packaging materials. 

eBay Sellers

Since you’re entering the online business, many co-sellers are willing to help. They are more knowledgeable of the do’s, and dont’s when packing and shipping with eBay. Get to know which among them sells packaging materials suitable for your products.

Order Online

Do you find it hard to buy from someone on eBay? Then, look for other online shopping platforms. Indeed, you’ll see someone who sells envelopes and plastic wraps for your items. 

Office Supply Shop

Basically, you don’t only need boxes and plastics. You’ll still be needing tapes, bubble wraps, sticker paper for labels, and such. So one best place to go is an office supply store. 

Hardware Store

It might not be obvious, but hardware shops are the next best stop. Most of the stores have cardboard boxes and fillers available. 

UPS / FedEx / USPS Store

If you want to get free boxes for shipping, check these stores. USPS provides free Priority Mail envelopes and boxes. Plus, they will deliver it to your customers. Meanwhile, UPS and FedEx give free shipping envelopes for overnight mail transport. 

Pick a Carrier Option

Shipping is the breaking point of most eBay sellers. There are many factors you need to consider. If you partnered with the best carrier, you’re one step ahead in achieving your target sales. Here are the most common shipping options in the US.

USPS – Cost-Effective

Many sellers choose this for eBay pack and ship. If you have an eBay label, you can avail up to a 30% discount for US Postal Service. In addition, Priority Mail lets you save with shipping supplies. Boxes and envelopes are free. Plus, you can drop your package in a mailbox or Post Office. 

UPS – Convenient

Do you want your eBay pack and ship to look like a pro? UPS can do it for you. All you need to do is direct the ordered items to them. Then, they’ll pack and ship it for you with a price. Also, you have to use the company’s own packing materials. In a way, it’s more easy-to-use since you have less to worry about. You can save up to 50% using standard UPS shipping rates. If you can’t afford their packing service, you can still drop off your package at any UPS location. 

FedEx – Reliable

FedEx is quite a big name within and outside the US. It even offers eBay pack and ship services. So most sellers who want to reach their customers around the globe can avail of FedEx. But you must be prepared for the packing service, including packing materials like FedEx boxes. No worries. FedEx provides shipping discounts for eBay sellers for up to 37%. 

Calculate the Shipping Costs

You now know where to find packaging materials and a suitable shipping carrier. Your next concern is the shipping fee. Take note that the method of eBay pack and ship affects the rate. 

Calculated Rate

The fairest method when calculating the shipping fee. After listing your item, you need to enter the product’s weight. Take note that it includes the packaging materials’ weight. You don’t have to worry about it as the shipping costs depend on the following details: 

  • Weight of the item
  • Class of mail
  • Seller’s ZIP code
  • Buyer’s ZIP code

Flat Rate

Do you opt for a flat-rate shipping fee? You set the same shipping fee for any buyer. You need to research similar items and compare the shipping costs. Wherever the recipient’s location is, your shipping rate is the same. 

Local Pickup

Local Pickup is when eBay sellers’ and customers’ location is near one another. Also, it is more practical if the online shop sells bulky and fragile products. It would be difficult for you to drop off machinery and furniture at the carrier. 

Quick Tips for Effective eBay Pack and Ship

You must analyze every transaction to succeed in your eBay pack and ship store. Always make an effort and treat every purchase separately from the other. You’ll never want to receive negative feedback on your end. So take note of these quick and practical tips. 

Never overfill

It’s necessary to place fillers for fragile products. But for flat mailers like small items and clothing, it is unnecessary. Putting too much fill in can make the package bulky. Thus, increasing the shipping costs. If you want to cut costs, squeeze in fillers only as needed. 

Use eBay branding

Every customer looks for branding. If you are for an eBay pack and ship, it’s best to use the eBay label. It makes the package look more professional than the usual box. Also, it makes your online shop sound more legit and reliable. 

Prepare a packing slip.

Package receivers love customization. It creates a significant impact on your online shop service. For example, does your buyer receive their orders with a packing slip? It assures them that exchange or refund is possible. Also, you can insert a “Thank You” note inside a package. Somehow, it brings a smile to the recipient. Plus, take it as an opportunity to promote your business for the positive feedback. 

Monitor the Shipment

In eBay Pack and Ship, you need to monitor every transaction. It starts when an order comes in and you send it out. However, it doesn’t end there. You need to see how the entire transport comes out. Look for possible delays and notify the buyer immediately. Always maintain contact with your buyer, even after receiving their package. It proves how much you take care of them. 

Other Trusted Shipping Providers

You may contact other shipping providers if you wish to explore more for your eBay pack and ship. 3PLs are a good choice, too, in handling, packing, and shipping orders. If you wish to outsource for an eCommerce fulfillment, you might want to consider Red Stag Fulfillment Center. 

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