How to Buy Thailand Travel Insurance from India


Travellers from India have always found Thailand to be a friendly, convenient, and affordable destination. Thailand is a great vacation spot as its clean beaches, grand palaces, stunning temples, and exciting nightlife are appealing to all. However, while abroad when you are enjoying your trip, in case of any unprecedented mishap, your best bet would be your international travel insurance. Before you fly off to Thailand you must get Thailand travel insurance coverage so that you can enjoy your trip in peace.

Indian travellers to Thailand should be aware that they cannot access free medical care should an accident occur while they are there. Without valid Thailand travel insurance, you will have to pay for your medical bills or potential quarantine fees, regardless of whether there was an accident, an injury, or a Covid diagnosis.

This explains the necessity of comprehensive international travel insurance. It will include incidents with Covid in addition to possible conditions like

·        Urgent medical needs

·        Accidents & injuries to persons

·        Delayed or missed flights

·        Damage to property

·        Stolen baggage

What is Covered in Thailand Travel Insurance?

1.     Baggage-related cover

  • Theft of checked baggage: Don’t worry if all of your purchased products are lost; permanent damage or loss to the checked baggage is covered.
  • Baggage and personal documents lost: In a foreign place, losing your passport can be a nightmare. The actual expense of replacing lost papers and items is covered.
  • Baggage checked-in delay: It can be exhausting to wait for checked baggage, and coverage for toiletries, clothing, and prescription as a result of checked baggage delays is also provided.

2.     Medical cover

Medical emergency expenses: International travel insurance in Thailand provides cashless medical care and pays for specified outpatient, inpatient, medical aid, treatments, and diagnostic procedures.

Daily hospital cash allowance: Being hospitalized in a foreign country can be tough. With hospital daily cash, Thailand travel insurance reimburses those small charges as well, even though medical costs will be covered without a hitch.

Death or permanent disability: International travel insurance provides protection for the insured against an accident-related death or permanent disability when using a common carrier like a train, bus, tram, or airplane.

Evacuation: The costs involved in getting you to the closest hospital or healthcare facility so you can get the treatment you need.

3.     Journey-related cover

  • Flight delay: In case you missed your connecting flight and were unsure of the financial cost.
  • Emergency financial assistance: Emergency cash protection in the case of robbery, burglary, or pickpocketing.
  • Hotel stays: Insurance for Hotel Stays will pay for your hotel stay if you miss the flight because of illness or bodily injury.
  • Personal liability: The insured would be provided with insurance for compensation for damages that must be paid to a third party due to death, injury, or damage to property or health that is brought on unintentionally by the insured.

What Determines the Cost of Your International Travel Insurance

  • Your trip’s duration: The likelihood of getting sick or hurt increases the longer you are gone. As a result, the premium will be higher the longer your trip will last.
  • Your destination: The cost of insurance will probably be less if you are travelling to a nation that is safer or more developed economically. Additionally, the cost of insurance will increase the further the location is from your house.
  • Your age: The age of the insured is a key factor in calculating the premium. Older tourists are subject to higher rates than younger ones since they are thought to be more prone to illness and damage.
  • Type of insurance you select: The premium for the insured person’s policy is determined by the type of international travel insurance you select. A travel insurance plan with more features will cost more than one with more basic coverage.

How to Buy International Travel Insurance?

1.  With just one click, you may purchase international travel insurance whenever it suits you. Because of this, the internet sale of international travel insurance policies has increased and is continuing to do so.

2.  When visiting our website to purchase a Thailand travel insurance plan, be sure to keep the following information handy: the name of the traveller, their date of birth, their departure and arrival dates, and the countries they intend to visit.

3.   You will receive a payment link once you have completed the form and selected your plan.

4.   You can use internet banking and credit/debit cards to make a payment once you’ve received the link.

5.  You’ll get the Thailand travel insurance coverage in your mailbox as soon as the payment is complete.

Every trip holds significance for you and the people you travel with. It’s possible to remember even the smallest of details. The finest instructor someone can learn from is experience. It takes a lot of preparation to travel, whether domestically or abroad. Occasionally, things don’t go as expected. Having a backup plan is therefore always a good idea. Make sure to take precautions to guarantee a tranquil trip!

Thus, the best kind of protection for anyone travelling abroad is international travel insurance. Your potential financial losses while travelling can be covered by travel insurance, which also helps with medical costs.

Disclaimer: The above information is for illustrative purposes only. For more details, please refer to the policy wordings and prospectus before concluding the sales.

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