‘India can respond strongly to Pakistan’s provocations under the leadership of PM Modi’



US Intel on India-Pakistan: The American Intelligence Community (IT Intel) has told the US Congress that the Prime Minister Narendra Modi Under the leadership of (Narendra Modi), India can respond to the alleged provocations of Pakistan with more military force. The annual risk assessment of the US intelligence community has been released by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI).

Confrontation between two nuclear-armed countries dangerous – US Intel

“The crisis between India and Pakistan is of particular concern, as any conflict between two nuclear-armed countries is dangerous,” the assessment said. “Pakistan has a long history of supporting anti-India extremist groups,” the report said. Under the leadership of PM Modi, India can better respond to any provocations by Pakistan with military force than before.

There is also a possibility of terrorist attack in India – US Intel

The report also said that escalating tensions between the two sides could lead to a risk of confrontation, which could lead to violent unrest in Kashmir. Also there is a possibility of terrorist attack in India.

US intervention needed in India China dispute – US Intel

Regarding the ongoing border dispute between India and China, it is written in the report, ‘Increased deployment of troops from India and China on the disputed border may lead to armed confrontation between the two nuclear powers, which is likely to harm US interests. Is. US intervention is needed to deal with any such situation.

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