Know how the mandate of five states will affect the elections from President to Rajya Sabha



The results of the assembly elections of five states have been revealed and now it is believed that its effect can be seen from the national elections to the Rajya Sabha elections. At the same time, some effects are expected to be seen only in the next few months. Let us know where and how the effect of these results can be seen.

presidential election

The election of the President of the country can be held in the month of June or July this year, in which the effect of the results of the elections of five states can be seen first. Uttar Pradesh has the most important role in the presidential elections because it has the highest number of votes. At the same time, after the bumper victory of BJP in three states other than UP, now NDA will not see much trouble in the presidential election. At the same time, the opposition is also busy for the presidential election, although after the results of five states are out, now their efforts may slow down.

Rajya Sabha elections

The effect of the results of five elections will be seen especially on the Rajya Sabha elections. Arvind Kejriwal’s party will get benefits in Punjab this month. In fact, 5 Rajya Sabha members will be elected in Punjab in the month of March as well as two more members will be elected in the month of June. At the same time, the SP may have lost in Uttar Pradesh but some new MPs can join it. If we talk about BJP, then the party has not suffered much, which they can take advantage of.

Gujarat, Himachal assembly elections

The result of these elections will be seen on the elections of Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh. Assembly elections are to be held in both the states in the last months of this year in which the Congress will come down to challenge the BJP. The Aam Aadmi Party has already started preparing for contesting elections in these two states.

Big decisions can be taken

In the next one year, the government can move forward on many big issues. Government can implement Labor Reform, CAA Act. It is believed that in the next few months, there may be an increase on this. It is also being said that the government will not wait for the next year to take some decisions.

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