Martech Companies of 2022


The competition among martech companies is on the rise, so it is important for them to develop new strategies to stay relevant. This year, these companies are enhancing their product capabilities and service offerings to stay relevant. Innovations were primarily seen in the virtual communications space. In 2019, virtual backgrounds are set to become a prominent feature in martech products.

List of 10 hot martech companies

With the growing adoption of new marketing technologies, businesses are eager to try them. According to recent reports, companies are expected to devote more of their marketing budgets to this category by 2021. But there are risks associated with using this technology. It can be expensive to invest in, and it might not immediately pay off. To avoid this, businesses should carefully vet new technologies before committing.

Marketing has always been about connecting with consumers, but in the current fashionable landscape, marketers are implementing cutting-edge solutions and services to improve their business. This trend is known as martech. This new buzzword is a result of the convergence of technology and selling. It’s an innovative method for companies to improve their overall business and meet their objectives. The potential applications of martech are nearly endless.

Rank Math

Rank Math is a powerful SEO tool. Its step-by-step installation and configuration wizard helps you set up your WordPress SEO perfectly. Moreover, it automatically verifies the settings of your site and recommends ideal settings for optimal performance. The wizard also helps you set up social profiles, webmaster profiles, and other SEO settings.

Rank Math was launched in India in 2018 and has already attracted over eight hundred thousand active users. The company’s team of 27 people is spread across the globe, allowing it to constantly optimize the plugin and ensure that it is updated. It also provides technical support for clients and developers. So, you can use it with full confidence.

Rank Math for martech companies has a free version and a paid version. The free version has limited features, while the premium version includes keyword rank tracking, Schema features, and support.

Active Campaign

ActiveCampaign is one of the Midwest’s most successful SaaS unicorns with more than 180,000 customers in 170 countries. Its acquisitions include Postmark, one of the fastest growing transactional email providers, and DMARC Digests, an email authentication platform that improves deliverability. These acquisitions have strengthened the company’s ability to deliver unified, incredible experiences to customers across all channels.

ActiveCampaign is a customer experience automation platform that enables businesses to automate their marketing processes and remain relevant to their customers. ActiveCampaign was valued at $3 billion in its last funding round in April 2021. It has more than 1,000 employees and 180,000 global customers. Its recent acquisition of Postmark demonstrates the company’s growth and influence in the martech industry.


Salsify is a martech company that helps brand manufacturers win on the Digital Shelf. The company has raised over $250M in funding and engages 100s of brands in 80 countries. It has offices in Boston, Lisbon, and Chicago, and has been named one of Fortune’s best places to work in 2020.

Salsify offers a product content management platform that enables retailers, brand manufacturers, and distributors to publish, manage, and syndicate product content. The resulting high-quality content drives online results. Founded in late 2012, Salsify has deep expertise in commerce, online search, and semantic web.

Salsify’s technology enables traditional brands to manage both their online and offline sales. It also offers tools to track inventory and run analytics on that data. It recently closed a $200 million Series F round of funding led by TPG, a leading global alternative asset manager. The company also received funding from Warburg Pincus and Matrix.


Jive is a US-based martech company that provides collaboration and communication software. Its products are used by companies across industries to increase productivity and foster collaboration. Jive’s collaboration software platform has an array of features that help employees engage with each other and boost sales. Its social media monitoring and community features allow users to easily communicate with one another. The company’s goal is to make technology for work as enjoyable as it is for personal use. For this reason, the company emphasizes transparency and crowdsourcing. It believes that an open dialog will lead to the most effective problem-solving solutions.

Jive’s team communication software features include conversations, tasks, and projects. Users can also add customer fields and create customized dashboards to track important data. The software also includes features such as Team Pages and Smart Box, which let team members share important files. The software is integrated with Dropbox, Github, and Google Drive.

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