Nishad party giddy with the results of UP elections, Sanjay Nishad said this on the question of becoming Deputy Chief Minister



The people of Uttar Pradesh have handed a thumping majority in the hands of BJP and its allies in the Vidhan Sabha elections. National President of Nishad Party, Dr. Sanjay Nishad held a press conference on Monday in view of the massive victory in UP, in which he thanked his workers, Nishad Party workers, Prime Minister, Chief Minister and credited the victory to the workers and BJP. Given the efficient leadership of

The Nishad Party has got a total of 11 seats in the Vidhan Sabha elections, out of which 6 seats filled with food have been given to the election symbol. While 5 seats carry the lotus symbol. Nishad says, “Our victorious leader should definitely get respect but I have full faith in the Bharatiya Janata Party and have left the decision on their leadership. They will do whatever they think is appropriate. They formed an alliance if we thought we were worth it.” Gave 16 seats.”

What did Nishad say on the post of Deputy Chief Minister

When Sanjay Nishad was asked a question about assuming the post of Deputy Chief Minister of UP, he said, “My society absolutely wants this, Bharatiya Janata Party can make a chaiwala the Prime Minister, then we are the sons of Nishad Raj, whatever Can make it. Modi ji has embraced, those who will give respect are accepted.”

The National President of Nishad Party, thanking the Prime Minister, Chief Minister Yogi, Amit Shah for the massive victory of the NDA, says that the workers of Nishad Party rallied more than the BJP candidate, raised the expenses and followed the mission of BJP. carried forward. We got 16 seats, out of which 9 seats were such in which BJP lost in 2017. But Nishad Party has created history by winning those seats and in 2024, Nishad Party will show history by creating history again. He said, people are happy with good governance, money is coming in the accounts of women. Getting treatment.

Comparison of PM Modi with Lord Ram

Nishad said, once Ram had given Nishad’s army to Nishad so that Ravana’s rule would end. I told PM Modi, take my army and end the powers that run Ravan’s rule in UP.

He further said, I had said, forgetting our party, we were fighting on 403 seats, we are satisfied with the number of seats we have got. In 2017 I won 1 seat. This time 11 seats have been won. People of all caste religions were happy with Ujjwala scheme, Ayushman card. Modi ji has given all the food. Earlier the poor used to go out, take money from the rich and get them treated. We are an ally of BJP. Now whatever elections will be held, we will try that the way I helped Lord Ram, I will help and thank him in the same way.

He said, if there are candidates of good image, then your party will have a good image. BJP did the work of giving tickets to people of all castes. Special thanks to the women who kept doing injustice to the vote bank. The people of the country did not stay with him. The cycle got punctured, even the elephant did not stand anywhere. PM Modi has ended discrimination, so the rest of the parties have suffered a crushing defeat.

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