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When you’re craving a delicious, refreshing cup of tea, Sharetea is the perfect answer. With its convenient mobile ordering system, you can customize your drink with your favorite toppings and enter your contact information. Once you’ve placed your order, you can pay with cash, credit card, or Cash App Pay. And what’s better than paying with your mobile phone? You can even share your drink with your friends! Read on to learn more about Sharetea!

TorDa is a delicious snack to pair with your sharetea

Sharetea is a Taiwanese chain of tea and food stores that began in 1992. Its menu started with black and pearl mint tea drinks and has since expanded to include more exotic beverages like coconut and prickly pear. The company considers itself a pioneer in the boba tea industry and has locations in over 16 countries. They also sell a variety of TorDa snacks that pair perfectly with their teas.

Sharetea uses dried pearl dough balls

If you’re looking for the most authentic way to enjoy a delicious cup of boba, try making your own at home. Sharetea makes their boba from dried pearl dough balls and makes each cup fresh, every four hours. The resulting boba has the delicious aroma of molasses cookies baking in the oven. You can choose from whole milk, soy milk, coconut milk, almond milk, or other dairy products.

While this method is not terribly traditional, it works just fine. You can order your favorite tea flavors from Sharetea, or you can buy supplies for your own at one of its many locations across the US. These supplies come straight from Taiwan, and it usually takes about a month for them to reach you. Sharetea also suggests drinking pearl milk tea, otherwise known as boba tea, or bubble milk tea. You can choose from four different flavors, including caramel, winter melon, and peach.

It’s vegan-friendly

While many teahouses offer milk tea, Sharetea offers plant-based drinks as well. You can order a cup of fruit tea, soy milk tea, or a lactose-free milk tea. Sharetea has been in business for over 30 years, and has earned a reputation for producing tasty and healthy plant-based beverages. Choosing the right vegan tea can be difficult, but you can find options at Sharetea.

When purchasing Sharetea drinks, ask whether the ingredients are vegan-friendly. Some of their beverages may contain dairy products, such as cream or butter, but many are made from non-dairy ingredients. These ingredients include soy milk, tapioca pearls, and grass jelly. Grass jelly is another vegan option, since it contains no gelatin. To avoid eating animal products while drinking Sharetea drinks, make sure you know your options beforehand.

It’s lactose-free

If you have dietary restrictions, you may be interested in trying lactose-free Sharetea. These drinks use non-dairy milk and creamers instead of fresh milk. The varieties you can choose from include pineapple, peach, and mango. They also feature a vegan Matcha Soy Milk Tea. If you prefer not to drink milk, you may also consider the Thai tea and pineapple flavors.

Toppings for your Sharetea are available for $0.75 each. Sharetea offers boba pearls, jelly in different flavors, aloe vera, and ice cream. These toppings add unique flavor to your drink, and you can even order them ahead of time! While sharing your drink, you may want to order extra toppings as gifts for family and friends. You’ll also enjoy the convenience of ordering online.

You can also make your own Matcha with fresh milk from scratch and enjoy the same great taste as brewed tea. The Matcha with Fresh Milk option is available for $4.50 and tastes like home-grown Matcha. It has an uplifting and revitalizing taste. If you love Matcha, you’ll love Sharetea’s freshly brewed Matcha with Fresh Milk option. For a healthy, lactose-free option, you can choose any one of the many blends and flavors available.

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