Shivpal Yadav said – could not understand the trickery of BJP, we need to strengthen the organization



Shivpal Singh Yadav, MLA from Jaswant Nagar and head of the Progressive Samajwadi Party, believes that the SP alliance should review its defeat. According to Shivpal, he is ready to do the work of both the Leader of the Opposition or the organization. He said that the organization needs to be strengthened. After the results of the Uttar Pradesh assembly elections, ‘ABP News’ spoke to Shivpal Yadav and asked many important questions.

1. What would you say after seeing the way the mandate has come in the politics of Uttar Pradesh this time?
Although the atmosphere was that of the alliance formed under the leadership of Akhilesh Yadav, but BJP has got majority. Somewhere we have had our shortcomings, due to which we could not win. We have to review the shortcomings and reflect.

2. Did the SP alliance become overconfident or did the mistakes become too much?
See there were flaws too and the workers were overconfident. Our organization could not compete with the tricks that the Bharatiya Janata Party was doing. Our organization should have been trained but we could not train the organization.

3. What tricks did BJP do and you could not understand it?
BJP distributed a lot of money for the elections. Apart from this, what I have reviewed so far, the ration was distributed to the poor and the farmers were given Rs 6000 in a year, due to which BJP has got more votes. There were some mistakes of our people, there were some flaws also and we did not get victory.

4. You were accused of familialism. Does this look like a failure of the Samajwadi Party leadership?
Look, somewhere the tricks of the Bharatiya Janata Party should not have fallen into it. We work in a straight forward way. No one cares who is saying what. Whatever our issues are, we had to stand firm and will firmly fight against the wrong policies of the Bharatiya Janata Party.

5. What was your point in the party? Heard or not heard?
Look, I didn’t even get that much chance. I had indicated but did not get much opportunity to talk and there was very little time when both our party and Akhilesh Yadav had united together. So because of that there was not much conversation.

6. Has your organization worked or remained silent?
Our organization has worked, but in whatever district there were candidates from our organization, they did not take cooperation. Still, our instructions were that you have to cooperate with the alliance formed under the leadership of Akhilesh Yadav. Our entire organization has cooperated.

7. What will you say on the allegations made by BJP about Muslims?
Look, there are secular people in our party and in our party, people of all classes, be it Hindu, Muslim, any class of people, everyone has got tickets. Yadav also won, SC also won and Muslims also won. Lived more than this in 2012 and will always live. Even when Netaji became the Chief Minister, the number of Muslims was more, the number of Yadavs was also more. Even 10-10 Brahmin ministers have been made in our cabinet. We have never seen caste, religion, our party is secular.

8. It is being said that women women did not come to your rallies. Have women held the Samajwadi Party behind?
See, there was a lack of organization. Women should have been kept in the organization. Most should have been brought in the rails too, but when we took out our chariots at many places, there were more women than men at one place in Gorakhpur. But the people of this organization should do this work.

9. Tell me that your name is at the fore in the Leader of the Opposition. What would you say?
Look, whatever responsibility we get, they will fulfill it well. If we get the organization, then we will do the work of fulfilling it.

10. Yogi Adityanath What is your message to
See, the leader of any party does not remain after taking oath as the Chief Minister. He is the leader of the people of entire Uttar Pradesh. We would like him to work impartially for the betterment of Uttar Pradesh.

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