Some ‘G 23’ leaders said in CWC meeting: Stop our ‘insult’



‘G 23’ Three of its leaders Ghulam Nabi Azad, Anand Sharma and Mukul Wasnik are included in the CWC. According to sources, Sharma told the meeting that the Congress needs to pay special attention to the Hindi-speaking region and the party has to reject all forms of communalism while pursuing its core values. He said that there is an urgent need to take corrective steps to improve the situation of the party. According to sources, ‘‘Anand Sharma asked in the meeting that why is the public rejecting us?’’

long-time member of Congress and…

Sharma said that necessary steps should be taken to strengthen the party and things cannot continue like this. Sources said that Sharma said that ‘G-23’ The leaders of the party have been talking about corrective steps in the party, for this they are ‘insulted’. should stop doing it. According to sources, a leader of this group in the meeting said, ‘Today when we talk about accountability, our words are mischievously used and it is shown by some leaders that we are rebelling. Huh. We have been members of Congress for a long time and will continue to be’’

we are not political tourists…

According to sources, ‘G-23’ One of the leaders said, ‘‘We are not political tourists. The party leadership should be aware of those spreading rumours’’ Azad said the party needed a collective introspection. Mukul Wasnik mentioned that Congress has only 14 Lok Sabha members from Jammu to Nagpur, so Congress should take necessary steps so that the trust of the people can be won. A leader of this group said that all parties with similar ideology should come on one platform and try to defeat the BJP in the next Lok Sabha elections.

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