Son became MLA after defeating Channi, yet mother came to work as a cleaning servant



Congress’s CM candidate Charanjit Singh Channi has been defeated by Aam Aadmi Party’s candidate Labh Singh Ugoke by a huge margin. Labh Singh belongs to the laborer family. Labh Singh and his family live in a small two-room house. He has been working in a mobile repairing shop, while his father is a laborer and his mother is a sweeper in a government school.  Despite this, the people of Bhadaur area have made Labh Singh win against Charanjit Singh Channi by a margin of more than 37550 and climbed the stairs of the assembly. The son may have become an MLA, but the family is still talking about hard work. Like every day, Baldev Kaur, the mother of profit, came to the government school to do the duty of her sweeper. She wants to continue this work.

Baldev Kaur, mother of profit, told that her family is a family running the house by working hard. By tolerating the days of great difficulties and difficulties, he has taught his son. Today, when his son has become an MLA, he is very happy about it. He said that even though the contest for Profit was with Charanjit Singh Channi, he was sure from day one that Profit would win the election with a big margin. He said that even though my son has become an MLA, he will continue to do his duty in spite of this. She will work as a sweeper and will run her house with this earning. He said that people have high hopes from my son Labh Singh. Benefit will work well for health education for the people of the area.

Lab Singh Ugoke was born on 06 October 1986. Labh Singh did his schooling from village primary school and twelfth from village Sukhpura Mod. After this he did a diploma in mobile repairing and plumbing. After running a mobile repair shop in the village for three years, he joined the party since 2013. In the year 2017 also he presented the ticket claim. However, tickets could not be found at that time. In the year 2022 assembly elections, the party gave ticket. 

Labh Singh’s family consists of mother Baldev Kaur, father Darshan Singh, brother Sukhchain Singh, wife Veerpal Kaur and two sons. Labh Singh’s brother has retired from the Indian Army three months ago. Mother Baldev Kaur is a sweeper in a government school in the village, father is a driver. The family and the people of the village gave full support to Labh Singh in contesting the elections. Labh Singh defeated Charanjit Singh Channi by a margin of more than 37550.

Lab Singh’s family says that we will remain as we used to live earlier. People have won Labh Singh. We would like him to serve those people. Stay true to your words. We will continue to support them. There is an atmosphere of happiness in the family about the victory of Labh Singh. There is an atmosphere of happiness in the whole village. Villagers say that we never thought that Labh Singh, who serves with the party day and night, will one day become MLA.

School principal Amritpal Kaur said that Labh Singh’s mother has been working as a sweeper in this school for a long time. Benefit has also been a student of this school. He has brought laurels to his village and school by becoming an MLA. He said that it is a good thought of the mother of profit that she wants to continue her hard work.



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