The discussion of this woman auto rickshaw driver in Chennai intensified, this special offer to the passengers



Women of India are now slowly joining every profession. She is also actively participating in a profession dominated by men. Many women are also doing the job of driving autorickshaws very well for the last several years. The discussion of one such woman autorickshaw driver is in full swing in Tamil Nadu. If you are a woman living in Chennai or if you are elderly and you have to travel at night due to your important work, then auto rickshaw driver Raji Ashok can help you a lot. According to news agency ANI, a woman autorickshaw driver named Raji Ashok has offered free rides to women and elderly people. A woman named Raji Ashok has been involved in this profession for nearly 23 years.

Free rides offered to women and elderly

Autorickshaw driver Raji Ashok in Chennai is in the news because she is making women and elderly travel free. Raji Ashok, who has been driving autos for nearly 23 years, has offered free rides to girl students, elderly and women after 10 pm. Along with this, they are also ready to take the passengers to the hospital in case of any emergency. Keeping in mind the safety of women passengers, Akka started rickshaw driving 23 years ago. A 50 year old woman never refuses a female passenger. She rushes to help everyone after the call.

Driving auto for last 23 years

Raji Ashok, who has driven an autorickshaw in Chennai for the last 23 years, also has a bachelor’s degree. She is originally from Kerala but later she shifted to Chennai with her husband. Unable to get a government job with his degree, he decided to drive an auto to support his family. She also provides free auto driving training to interested women. Raji says that she earns about 15 to 20 thousand rupees every month through autorickshaw.

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