The ultimate list of Leather Jacket’s Do’s and Don’t. 


First of all jumping directly into the topic, I would like to tell you a Lil about magnificent leather jackets. Using the word leather jackets immediately creates an imaginary vision in the mind of listeners and readers. It is something that belongs to personality, something that enhances the beauty and also something that looks rich. The closet of that person who had great dressing sense is incomplete without leather jackets. The question is how does it come on trending? So looking back at the times it was introduced in 1928 but had no hype at that time, it became popular after the Actors and Actresses wore it in films. Now, moving forward we will discuss the to-do list and don’t list of leather jackets respectively.

Keep it safe from water:

There are many products available in the market that are waterproof and stain-resistant. In order to keep your jacket new and stain-free, you need to use those products before wearing your jacket.

Polish it:

Use a polish for your jacket on rare events. It will shine in your jacket, but make sure you’re not using any harsh or rough texture instead of a smooth one.

Keep it dry always:

For instance, if your jacket gets wet, let it dry for some time. Never put it back into the wardrobe without drying it and do apply conditioner after drying your jacket.

According to Weather:

Never wear your leather jacket in rainy weather. It could fade it no matter if you’re using waterproof products because those products are not fully waterproof even if the treatment claims it is.

How to iron:

Don’t apply the iron directly to your jacket, put a piece of cloth on it and then remove wrinkles from it.

Hang your jacket properly:

Never hang your jacket in a rushed closet. Hanging your jacket off-season is totally okay but hanging it where it could breathe is harmful to your jacket. It could bring wrinkles so always give space to your jacket.

Store it in a right place:

Never store your jacket near heat. Too much heat can destroy its colour. 

Using harsh ingredients for cleaning:

Never use harsh things for cleaning your jacket. If you don’t have any idea how to remove stains from your jacket then visit any professional instead of experiments.

Wearing off-season:

Although leather jackets bring the best out of you, that doesn’t mean you should wear them in all seasons. It is weather appropriate and it Will not look cool on you during the off-season.

Size appropriate:

Make sure that the jacket fits your body. Never buy an oversized jacket for yourself. While buying, specify your body measurements and then buy it.

Never accessorize too much:

No doubt a woman could add some light jewellery with leather jackets for women like a chain, belt, hoops etc but keep in mind that wearing it all together will mess up your look. 

In the end, I would conclude by saying that it’s all up to you how you want your jacket to look. If you want it to stay gorgeous for a long time then take care of it just like your skin.

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