This artist became ‘Kaal’ for big criminals, till now 400 more got arrested



It is said that the law and police do the work of punishing the criminals and putting them behind bars, but what an artist of Mumbai who has done the work of bringing dozens of big criminals to jail through his art. The name of this painter is Nitin Yadav.

Nitin Yadav is a teacher by profession and teaches art to children in school. This art was so useful to the Mumbai Police that dozens of criminals got behind the bars and got the punishment for their crime. Nitin Yadav says that in 30 years, he has made sketches of more than 5000 criminals for the Mumbai Police so far. In which the Mumbai Police reached the criminals on the basis of sketches of more than 400 criminals and they were arrested.

I was fond of making art

Sketch used to make in high profile cases

Nitin Yadav tells that he does the work of making sketches of criminals for the police for free. He does not charge any fees for this, but for his work he has been honored many times by the Mumbai Police, which is the biggest reward for him.

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