Tips To Invest In NSE And Future And Options


The first step in trading futures and options is to open an account with a broker. Investing in futures and options is more difficult because of the complexities involved, and you should take the time to learn about them. Because futures and options are only valid until they expire, you don’t need a Demat account to trade them. As a result, they resemble agreements rather than assets. Let us first examine what the stock market means when it talks about nse f&o trading. To begin trading futures and options, you must first learn the basics of futures and options trading. To help those who are just getting started in futures and options trading, here is a brief primer on the basics.

1. Futures are leveraged instruments that may function in both directions. ” You may have heard a salesman tell you that since you only pay a 20% margin on futures, your profit may be doubled by five times. Here’s how it all goes down! You pay a margin of Rs.20,000 to acquire shares worth Rs.100,000 in futures. As a result of the five-fold leverage, a 10% increase in price results in a profit of Rs.10,000 on your margin. In other words, everything the ecstatic salesperson told you was true. The one thing he didn’t tell you was that it works the same way for losses and they also tend to be exaggerated when you trade futures. As long as you are aware that leverage via margins may have both positive and negative effects, it is OK.

2. Buying options reduce your risk exposure, but you are unlikely to profit from the strategy. Because you just have to pay the premium, many small F&O traders favor options. Globally, approximately 97% of options are worthless when they expire. This indicates that if you purchase options, your chances of earning money on options are just 4 percent. Option sellers, as opposed to option purchasers, take on more risk and, as a result, profit from their trades more often. Avoid getting carried away by the claim that your risk in option purchases is minimized. When you purchase options, your chances of generating money are likewise restricted.

3. There is a difference in the asymmetry of the options. For the sake of clarity, let us consider an example. In this scenario, both “A” and “B” benefit equally from a transaction in RIL futures at Rs.920 each. Assuming the price rises to Rs. 940, A is in the black and B is in the red, with each party benefiting by Rs. 20. If the stock price falls to Rs.900, the opposite is true. As a result, the buyer’s loss in the event of an option is limited to that premium, but the seller’s loss is potentially infinite.

4. In periods of high volatility, futures margins may rise dramatically. Many of us feel that futures have an edge over the cash market since you may leverage by purchasing on margin. However, during periods of high volatility, these margins may rise dramatically. Assume that you paid a 15% margin on GMR futures. You’ve got a cushion of liquid assets of up to twenty-five percent. However, the volatility in the stock suddenly rises and the margins are revised to 40%. You’re now in a pickle! If you don’t replenish your margins, your broker will force you to reduce your holdings. Make sure you’re aware of this risk while trading futures and options best f&o tips provider.

5. Always use stop losses and profit objectives while trading futures and options (F&O). All leveraged situations have this in common. To be successful in the world of futures and options trading, you must put yourself in the shoes of a trader rather than an investor. As a result, your first focus should be on safeguarding your financial resources. The only way to do this is to set up a loss and profit trade-off for every single transaction you do. Don’t second-guess your stop-loss strategy. When trading futures and options, stop loss and profit-taking levels must be strictly adhered to, regardless of your opinion of the stock.


Futures and options trading isn’t as complicated as it’s made up to be. Having a thorough grasp of these new financial instruments will help you get the most out of them!

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