Tutubox iOS for tweaks, mods, jailbreak tools, and emulators


What is Tutubox?

Tutubox is an iOS app that works as an app store. The especial fact that the Tutubox has is, the Tutubox allows to get apps and games that are not allowed to get from Apple App Store. If you are looking for a place where you need to get emulators, jailbreak tools, and mod applications for iOS, this Tutubox iOS app is the best option you have.

tutubox ios

How do Tutubox iOS work?

When you download and install this app library on your iPhone or iPad, it stores the required file and data inside your device. Then it will deliver apps and games when a user requests to download or update any app or game that downloaded through the Tutubox iOS app.

This app store working like other app stores but it uses advanced technology to give a fast and comfortable app downloading experience.

Why do you need to download Tutubox app?

  • The main reason for downloading the Tutubox iOS app for most iOS users, it is free to download. On the other hand, it also has a large number of apps and games when compared to other iOS app store alternatives.
  • The user-friendly interface helps users to navigate, find, select, download and install apps and games easily. Even it is understandable for using those who do not have technical knowledge.
  • Some iOS alternative app stores require jailbreaking devices before installing app stores. But with this iOS app store alternative, users do not need to jailbreak their device to install Tutubox. Even if a device is already jailbroken, Tutubox will work on those devices too.
  • The Tutubox app also does not require creating or using user accounts. Even it does not demand an Apple ID. Tutubox app is ready to use just after the installation on any iOS device.

Tutubox features for iPhone and iPad users

Get tweaks

With Tutubox, you are freely available to get tweaked apps for iOS. Even you are allowed to get tweaked versions for most popular apps like social media apps and messaging apps. Tutubox has a large collection of tweaks apps that are available to free download.

Mod games

Tutubox allows getting mod games for iOS. If you are looking for modded games to play on your iOS device, the Tutubox app library is the best place to find your favorite mod games. It is one click away to get a mod game to your device, so just try this Tutubox iOS app library.

IPA download

There are a few places available to get the IPA version for iOS on the internet. But if you get the Tutubox latest version, it is simple to get IPA files of any app directly to your iOS device including iPhones or iPads.

iOS jailbreak tools

Jailbreaking tools are available on Tutubox for jailbreaking iOS including the latest iOS versions like iOS 15. If you are seeking a way to get jailbreak tools for your iOS device, Tutubox is the best place for that as Tutubox has a large library of jailbreaking tools.

On the other hand, it is not complicated to get jailbreak tools through the Tutubox app. Some other alternative methods might be complicated with some manual downloading processes.

Game Emulators

Some people love to play older games on their iPhones and iPad like Nintendo, Game Boy, and PlayStation games. But it is not allowed to play those games on original Apple devices. But if you install an emulator on your iOS, it is possible to play those classic games.

The Tutubox iOS app has a collection of emulators to help with playing classic games on iPhones and iPads. So get the Tutubox latest version to play classic games on iOS.

How to download Tutubox iOS?

As I mentioned above the Tutubox is free to download. So it is easy to find on the internet. Just go Google and type Tutubox iOS on the search bar. Then you can select a trusted website to get the download link to the Tutubox. When you click the link, the device will ask for permission to install. When you allow it, the app library will automatically install on your iOS device. The iTools iPhone is also available to download for free.

How to install Tutubox app?

To install the Tutubox iOS app, first, you need to create an environment on iOS by changing some settings. So follow the instructions carefully to complete the installation process.

  1. First, go settings and the go to the Wi-Fi settings.
  2. Then you need to select configure proxy under the Wi-Fi settings then set the value to automatic.
  3. When you click automatic, you can see the blanked bar to an URL. Place this URL on it http://ffapple.com and then save the settings.
  4. Now you need to disconnect your WiFi and wait for about one minute. Then again reconnect your WiFi network by clicking the WiFi icon and keep in mind to activate your internet connection while the installation process.
  5. Open Safari browser and clear the cache history by navigation safari settings.
  6. Then follow the above downloading guide to get the app and click the downloaded file to start the installation process.
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