Types of Honda SUVs: Which one is the best to buy


Honda is known for manufacturing some of the most sophisticated automobiles now on the market. They are well-known for their dependability, comfort, and excellent mileage. In the same way that other automakers do, Honda strives to meet the requirements of each distinct area of the market by producing vehicles that are specifically designed to meet the requirements of that market segment’s consumers. When it comes to the fiercely competitive market for SUVs, Honda is a well-known participant in the game. The company offers two options, both of which are really popular, that are largely comparable to one another in terms of their engine. However, there is a notable contrast between Honda passport vs pilot in terms of their attitude and looks. 

Specs of Honda Pilot and Honda Passport

Let’s begin with the 2022 Honda Passport which has two rows of seating. This sport utility vehicle (SUV) has three different trim levels that may be compared with one another. The standard edition of the Passport EX-L is equipped with a 3.5-liter V6 engine that produces 280 horsepower, leather-trimmed seats, a Blind Spot Information System as standard equipment and an Intelligent Traction Management system. When it comes to the interior and technological features of the 2017 Honda Passport, special editions come standard with a power moonroof that can be opened with one touch, Apple CarPlay®, Android AutoTM, and a wireless mobile charger for any device that is compatible with it.

The Honda Passport’s older and more capable sibling is the Honda Pilot. There are seven different model variations available for the new 2022 Honda Pilot, which is a three-row SUV that may have either 7 or 8 seats depending on the trim level. The basic model of the 2022 Honda Pilot Sport comes standard with a 3.5-liter V6 engine that produces 280 horsepower, an Intelligent Traction Management system, and a Blind Spot Information System, much like the Passport. 

Trim Models of Honda Pilot

Since we’ve just discussed the Pilot Sport, let’s move on to the Pilot EX-L and see what it has to offer. This brand-new three-row Pilot SUV is equipped with the opulence of leather-upholstered seats as well as the practicality of a motorized tailgate. When shopping for a Honda Pilot, you should go for the Pilot Special Edition if you want the vehicle to include a wireless phone charger. In addition, the features of the 2022 Pilot Special Edition include a motorized tailgate that can be opened without using your hands,  20-inch black alloy wheels, and black roof rails.

If you want your new Honda SUV to have a more robust capability, the Pilot TrailSport comes standard with TrailSport design, distinctive 18-inch TrailSport wheels, durable-style tires, and Honda Satellite Navigation.However, maybe you have your sights set on an SUV that offers a higher level of luxury. If this is the case, the Pilot Touring model will provide you with the conveniences of a rear entertainment system, heated back and front seats, and an audio system that has 590 watts and 10 speakers.

If you just want seven seats, the Honda Pilot Elite provides you with captain’s chairs in the second row and provides convenient access to the third row. In addition, the front seats of the 2022 Pilot Elite come with both heated and ventilated options, and the steering wheel may also be heated. Leather upholstery, 20-inch black alloy wheels, and the stealthy appearance of Black Edition exterior trim are all included in the Pilot Black Edition upgrade package. 

Passport Vs. Pilot Size

The size of the vehicle is one of the most notable distinctions between the Honda Pilot and the Passport. The Pilot is much more spacious than the Passport. While the Pilot has the capacity to accommodate up to eight people, the Passport only has five seats available.

A maximum of 100.8 cubic ft of cargo space is available behind the first row of the two-row Honda Passport, giving the vehicle a total passenger capacity of 114.9 cubic feet. The three-row Pilot is about 6 inches longer in comparison to the Passport. It has a cargo capacity of 109 cubic feet and a passenger volume of 152.9 cubic feet. 

The Bottom Line 

This was a brief comparison between honda passport vs pilot to guide you well with your next possible purchase. Both the SUVs are great in terms of features, however, if you are looking for an SUV that has larger sitting capacity and cargo space, then go for Honda Pilot. 

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