WHO said- cases of corona infection are increasing in some parts of the world, but…



According to the World Health Organization (WHO), there has been an increase in the cases of corona infection in the world in the recent past. It is a matter of relief that in the last week there has been a decline of 17% in the deaths due to corona. The WHO released the weekly report of the epidemic on Tuesday night, in which this figure has come to the fore. WHO said that more than 11 million new corona infection cases were found last week. This is an increase of about 8% compared to earlier, while 43,000 people have died due to infection.

According to the WHO, the number of deaths due to corona has been declining globally for the last three weeks. Apart from this, maximum corona infection has increased in West Pacific and Africa. Here the infection has increased by 29% and 12% respectively, which is quite worrying. Cases have declined by more than 20% in the Middle East, Southeast Asia and the Americas. Whereas in Europe the cases increased by about 2%.

WHO said that many countries are changing their strategy of Kovid-19 testing. They are getting out of the pandemic phase and doing less tests. Because of this, new cases are not coming up. In recent weeks, several countries, including Sweden and the UK, have decided to reduce testing for corona. These countries believe that now large-scale testing is not necessary. Yet there has been a slight increase in infections, hospitalizations and deaths in the UK, which is more infectious. omicron sub-variants of .

WHO also said that infections are decreasing in many parts of the world. China has banned most people from leaving the province hit by the coronavirus and decided to impose strict lockdowns in some cities after infections increased. Authorities also cordoned off the southern city of Shenzhen, which houses 1.17 million people. It is a major technical and finance center of China, bordering Hong Kong.

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