Who won the first and second stage? Exit poll results for western UP seats



UP Election 2022: As soon as the voting for the Uttar Pradesh assembly elections is over, the exit poll results have come out. In which this time a thorny competition is being seen. But this time people’s eyes are on western UP the most. Where voting was held in the first and second phases. Shocking results have come out in the ABP-C Voter exit poll.

BJP ahead in first phase
Voting was held in 58 seats in the first phase of the UP elections, these seats were the seats in western UP where the farmers’ movement had the most impact. That is why this phase was considered very important for the BJP. In the first phase of UP elections in the exit polls, only BJP is seen ahead. In this phase, BJP can get 28 to 32 seats out of 58 seats. On the other hand, the Akhilesh Yadav alliance has been estimated to get 23 to 27 seats. Mayawati’s BSP can get 2 to 4 seats and others 1 seat in this phase. Although, even though BJP seems to be getting more seats in the first phase, but it is a big loss for the party. Because in 2017, the BJP got a big advantage from western UP, but this time the SP-RLD alliance has broken into many seats of the BJP.

SP alliance has an edge in the second phase
Now, if we talk about the second phase, voting was held in 55 seats of western UP. Akhilesh Yadav’s SP-RLD alliance seems to be getting the most benefit in this phase. According to the ABP, C-Voter exit poll, the SP alliance can win 26 to 30 seats out of 55 seats in the second phase, while the BJP alliance is expected to get 23 to 27 seats. BSP can get 1 to 3 seats and others can get 1 seat in this phase.

If the seats of the first and second phase are merged, then there are total 113 seats. In this, the BJP and SP alliance are seen on an equal footing. In 113 seats of both the phases, BJP is seen getting 51 to 59 seats, while the SP alliance can get 49 to 57 seats. In both the phases, BSP is expected to get 3 to 7, Congress 2 and others zero to 2 seats.

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