‘Yogi will come in UP only…’ BJP government is being formed in exit polls, know what is the condition of which party



The election of Uttar Pradesh is the biggest election before 2024. That’s why BJP fought it as an election of its credibility, not just of UP. The Samajwadi Party gave a direct challenge to the BJP. Now the results are awaited, but before that the exit poll of ABP News-C Voter says that only Yogi will come to UP…

BJP can once again form the government in Uttar Pradesh. According to exit polls, BJP can get 236 seats, Samajwadi Party 140 seats, Bahujan Samajwadi Party 17 seats, Congress 6 seats and others 4 seats. Voting was held in 7 phases in 403 seats of Uttar Pradesh.

UP Exit Poll – Phase I (58 seats)
In the first phase of 58 seats, BJP can win the maximum number of seats. BJP seems to be getting 28-32 seats in this phase. At the same time, 23 to 27 seats are going in the account of Samajwadi Party. The BSP has been predicted to get 2-4 seats in the exit polls. Congress can get 0 to 1 seat in this phase. On the other hand, others can get zero to 1 seats in this region.

UP Exit Poll – Phase II (55 seats)
According to exit polls, Samajwadi Party can get 26-30 seats in the second phase of elections. On the other hand, BJP is getting 23-27 seats, BSP 1-3 seats, Congress 0-1 seats and others 0-1 seats in this phase.

UP Exit Poll – Phase 3 (59 seats)
In the third phase also, BJP seems to be winning. BJP seems to be getting maximum 38-42 seats in this phase. SP can get 16-20 seats. At the same time, 0-2 seats for BSP, 0-1 for Congress and 0-1 seats can also come in the account of others.

UP Exit Poll – Fourth Phase (59 seats)
Out of 59 seats in the fourth phase, BJP can get 41 to 45 seats. 12 to 16 seats can go in SP’s account. 1 to 3 seats in BSP’s account, 0 to 1 in Congress’s account and 0 to 1 seats for others.

UP Exit Poll – Fifth Phase (61 seats)
Out of 61 seats in the fifth phase, BJP can get 39 to 43 seats. 14 to 18 seats can go in SP’s account. In the account of BSP, 0 to 1, Congress can get 1 to 3 seats. While others are expected to get 1 to 3 seats.

UP Exit Poll – Phase 6 (57 seats)
BJP can get 28 to 32 seats out of 57 seats in the sixth phase. 18 to 22 seats can go in SP’s account. In the account of BSP, 3 to 5, Congress can get 2 to 4 seats. While others are expected to get 0 to 1 seat.

UP Exit Poll – Seventh Phase (54 seats)
BJP can get 25 to 29 seats out of 54 seats in the seventh phase. 17 to 21 seats can go to SP’s account. BSP is expected to get 4 to 6 seats, Congress can get 0 to 2 seats. While others are expected to get 1 to 3 seats.

UP is divided into four regions – Western UP, Bundelkhand, Awadh and Purvanchal. Now know, according to the ABP News C-Voter exit poll, which party can dominate these areas.

ABP C-Voter Exit Poll – Western UP (Seat- 136)

BJP+ 67-71
SP+ 59-63
BSP 5-7
CONG 0-1
other 1

ABP C-Voter Exit Poll- Bundelkhand (Seat-19)

BJP+ 14-18
SP+ 0-4
BSP 1-2
CONG 0-1
other 1

ABP C-Voter Exit Poll – Avadh (Seat- 118)

BJP+ 77-81
SP+ 33-37
BSP 2-4
Cong 1-2
other 1

ABP C-Voter Exit Poll- Purvanchal (Seat- 130)

BJP+ 70-74
SP+ 40-44
BSP 6-8
Cong 4-6
other 3-5))

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