5 Things To Do In Italy – Must Read!



Traveling to the land where Renaissance started is a truly magical experience, and Italy has so much to offer, especially to tourists. Think about it! Tasting a fine range of wines in Tuscany and riding around in beautiful Gondolas in Venice are some exclusive experiences that only this fascinating country can offer you.

However, the fun doesn’t end there. Yes, you could travel to Italy for a few weeks and get lost in its rich art, culture, history, and architecture. But what if we told you that we have a few adventurous alternatives in our mind – really fun things to do in the Italian peninsula that you absolutely must not miss.

Keep reading to find out more on the same. 

5 Things To Do In Italy – Must Read!

Italia has so much to offer that a few weeks will probably not be enough to have all the crazy experiences that the country has to offer. But even if you are running out of time, scroll down to find out the five things you absolutely cannot miss doing in Italy

1. Have A Smellfeast At Naples Gorging On  Neapolitan Pizzas 

How can you even think about visiting Italy without tasting the specialty dish? Naples not only serves the best pizzas in the entire Italian peninsula but in the whole world. So head over to the land of pizzas and have a gastronomic experience gorging on delectable pizzas. 

From San Marzano tomatoes and charred crust to fresh Mozzarella and herbs, all ingredients are responsible for the delicious taste of the Neapolitan Pizzas of Naples. However, if the good old pizzas seem like a little too much for you, you can also opt for pizza a portafoglio, a relatively new phenomenon in the street food culture of Naples. 

You will find the best pizzas at Pizzeria Gino Sorbillo, and Pizzaria la Notizia. For trying out revolutionary pizza a portafoglio, you must visit the streets of Naples. Check out places like Antica Pizzeria Port’Alba, Pizzeria Di Matteo, and Pizzeria Tutino dal 1935. 

2. Attend Opera At Any Historical Amphit heater 

Italy is the home of the European Renaissance. It all started in Florence with the great Medicis in the 1400s, provisioning patronages for artists, art, and culture in the Italian peninsula first followed by the rest of Europe. Attending opera performances used to be a big part of European social life. 

Moreover, the country is a hotbed of historically relevant architecture. So if you are one of those art lovers who love staring at beautiful walls and aesthetic ceilings, this is going to be an excellent experience for you. And what better than attending an opera performance at one of the many regal amphitheaters in the country. 

A few of our favorite Italian amphitheaters are Teatro San Carlo, Teatro Regio Torino, Arena di Verona, and Teatro La Scala.

3. Race A Ferrari On The Amalfi Coast

UNESCO calls the beautiful Amalfi coast ‘an outstanding example of a Mediterranean landscape, with exceptional cultural and natural scenic values’ As a result, the Amalfi coast has emerged as an excellent location for people who love some adventure and thrill. You can rent a luxury car like a super cool Ferrari and drive it along the Amalfi coast. 

The wind running through your hair and your body pumped with an adrenaline rush – don’t the thought tempt you enough? There are so many places you can stop by, like Duomo di Sant’Andrea, Valle dei Mulini, Praiano, Amalfi Town, Ravello, and Positano. Amalfi coast is a paradise for all automobiles lovers, and you must not miss out on the experience. 

4. Tour Lake Como In A Boat 

The gorgeous Lake Como is shaped like a ‘y’ that has been inverted. A popular celebrity destination wedding location, the Lake Como shore is home to picturesque hamlets and towns. The gentle waves of the lake combined with the near-perfect pleasant weather make the location popular amongst tourists, especially during Summer. 

And what better way to tour Lake Como but in a boat? You could avail public boats and ferries or take things a notch higher by opting for private boating services. We would suggest opting for a private boat for a better experience. 

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5. Visit Blue Grotto, The Glowing Cave

Located in the Capri Islands in southern Italy, Blue Grotto is one of the most visually appealing locations that the country has to offer. A scientific phenomenon of how sunlight navigates inside the cave makes the cave illuminate with a rare blue, glowing reflection. As a result, Blue Grotto is known as the bright cave.

Travelers from across the globe visit the Capri islands to sail to this dark, magical cave. It’s not just beautiful but a rare experience, like watching live snowfall or something stranger. So check this oof your bucket list and go back home with adventurous memories of Italy with you. 


It’s terrific that now you have a fair idea of some exclusive and unique things to do in Italy. So, what is stopping you from spending an Italian summer gorging on yummy pizzas and driving along the Amalfi coast? The Italian peninsula is calling, which means you must go. So, pack your bag and embark on a trip you will never forget!

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