Best App for Trading in Stock Market in India 


Trading in the stock market is not just a novelty; many people have taken trading as their profession, making more money than they ever did in a 9 to 5 job. Trading used to be on physical paper, punching numbers on charts and sheets on the trading floor, making it a challenging profession. But, trading app emerging left and right have given people the freedom and ease to trade sitting in their homes with clicks of a few buttons. In this article, we will cover the best app for the stock market and what makes it the best. While there are many apps that one can find, you should ensure that you use the one that provides you with all the services, has all the functions, and is easy to use.  

Best App for Stock Market in India

In a big market like India, it’s tough to deem any application as the best, but Jiffy Trading Platform emerges, ticking every box that a trading platform should. From an effortless user interface with an intuitive design, it provides its users with an excellent trading experience and a trusted platform audited by SEBI and AUA. 

What Makes Jiffy the Best Trading App?

Jiffy is not just an app, it is a trading platform which will help you trade in all segments, Equity, Derivatives, Currency and even commodities. 

Jiffy is Jam-Packed with Valuable Features Such as:

Real-time recommendation

Researching on your own can be highly frustrating to choose a stock or commodities to trade with. Jiffy provides real-time stock recommendations via calls from Research Cell for all trade segments. Jiffy has a panel of Stock Market experts who research day and night with cutting-edge technology to provide you with the best information, research and recommendations.


Jiffy provides Trading Strategies which are thoroughly tested and validated by complex mathematics and statistics by excessive research. With C-quant, you can avail of a T+5 short-term strategy for traders to provide you with 2% gains and even more. It offers strategy on a curated list of the top 200 stocks listed on NSE. 

Jiffy Signal

One of the most innovative AI-based research engines provides in-depth analysis, which results in a high call success ratio. Jiffy Signal constantly scans multi-time framework breakouts to provide you with perfect strategy setups such as intraday Spurt Strategy and Dark Horse Strategy based on price, volume and many more factors.

Company overview

Jiffy has a consolidated company page to get all the information you need about the history, data, and performance. Everything is laid out for the investor to digest the fastest way possible and trade with the valuable information in mind.

Advanced Chart Tools

One hundred plus advanced charts and studies will help you understand the stock action and moving price. Jiffy also provides you with Advance Drawing tools, which can be used in real-time to strategise your entry and exit.

Mojo Analysis

A segment where you can read a detailed company analysis before trading on the stock. Mojo Analysis by Jiffy provides you with all the fundamental details at a glance.

Smart Alert

Jiffy gives intelligent price alerts for the stocks, indexes and exchanges when they reach the target price and holding alerts when there is a 5% – 10% up and down in your holding so you can take action immediately. 

Jiffy application also provides you with regional languages such as Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi and Malayalam, so the language never becomes a barrier between you and investing. No better trading app gives you this many features with the least amount of brokerage. So if you are looking for a trading app, Jiffy is the best trading app for the stock market in India. 

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